Amazing Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb have signed on for Amazing Spider-Man 2 according to Deadline. While it isn’t a surprise they would return for the sequel, it is a bit shocking the deals weren’t already in place as Amazing Spider-Man 2 was announced in Aug. 2011, almost a year before the first one even… read more

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It appears that movie going audiences may not care if a The Amazing Spider-Man is a reboot, they were ready for more web slinging. The latest film version of Spider-Man opened up on Tuesday to $35 million with $4 million of that coming from IMAX showings.  This is the largest Tuesday opening ever for a… read more

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There is so much wrong with this new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man that I don’t even know where to begin. I have not been excited about The Amazing Spider-Man from day one, and I have to say with the more I see, the more justified I feel in that.  From Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone)… read more

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Columbia Pictures has released the official synopsis for The Amazing Spider-Man, and … yeah, it isn’t good news. Not only did we not need a reboot of the Spider-Man series this soon, but we especially didn’t need it if it means they’re going to play with all sorts of aspects of the character’s past. One… read more

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A picture of The Lizard from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man film has been revealed on a toy, and … I’m not too thrilled. While no official picture of The Lizard has been released, tie-in products have been showing up here and there that give us a glimpse, and the best yet comes from an upcoming… read more

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 will hit theaters on May 2, 2014. I’m sorry, but, what? The confusion here comes from the fact the first film, Amazing Spider-Man, doesn’t come out until July 3, 2012, so we now have a release date for a sequel to a film that hasn’t even been released yet.  “I think it… read more

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The first trailer for the new The Amazing Spider-Man film has hit the Internet, and what it goes to prove is … I really hate reboots. As I’ve said before about this project, I don’t see the necessity to rebooting the Spider-Man franchise this soon after the last three films. What I also don’t see… read more

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