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Amazon has placed a script-to-series order for a reboot of 1970s cop series Starsky & Hutch from James Gunn. James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, has been shopping around yet another TV reboot. This time it’s Starsky & Hutch and it is expected the show will be a character-driven drama that… read more

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Longmire was canceled a few weeks ago, but it appears it wasn’t due to low ratings. The folks watching it were just too darn old. Two weeks ago A&E surprisingly canceled Longmire. Why was this a surprise? It averages 5.6 million viewers per episode which actually puts it ahead of the likes of critical darling… read more

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BBC America has once again shown that it has obviously completely abandoned its original mission statement of bringing British television to American shores. Just last month I wrote about how BBC America has forgotten its roots, enough so that I was even prompted to write to the network to express my dismay at its changing… read more

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