A staggering 16.1 million people tuned in for the fourth season premiere of The Walking Dead. As I stated after the end of the third season, I’m done with this series. I just can’t take the sub-par writing any more, but I am clearly in the minority. However, it appears that may be a testament… read more


AMC has opted to greenlight a prequel series to Breaking Bad called Better Call Saul. Yeah, you can guess what it’s about. Breaking Bad fans are familiar with the strip mall lawyer Saul Goodman and his slogan, “Better call Saul!” Well, it seems as the drug fueled series leaves the airwaves, Saul will be sticking… read more

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As of the third season finale of The Walking Dead, I’m done. I have turned in my crossbow and I’m walking out the door to let the roamers have at me. When season 1 of The Walking Dead ended, I wrote a post about what I felt the show had gotten wrong. It wasn’t just… read more


AMC is kicking the marketing for the second season of The Walking Dead into high. With the season premiere set for October 16th, get ready to see a ton of zombie action coming to your commercials everywhere you turn.  These first two definitely show the different sides of the series: Zombie action and character development.… read more

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The Walking Dead season 2 has gone into production in the area surrounding Atlanta, and AMC has wasted no time in releasing some non-spoilery promo pics. While I certainly had my issues with the first season of The Walking Dead, I’m sure I’ll be back for season 2.  Sadly, the first images released are not… read more

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Yep…the oddness that is continues! Spotted in this weeks Soap Opera Digest: BAM Campaign AMCers have also sent e-mails to the execs expressing their desire to see Bianca and Maggie together again — for good! “‘BAM’ fans continue to do battle for their couple by recruiting new ‘BAM’ fans around the world,” they write.… read more

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