It seems you can’t swing a bat anymore without hitting some moron enjoying their fifteen minuted of undeserved fame. Course, the hit to the head with the bat might explain some of their behavior… my bad. First up, Larry Seidlin, the crying judge of the Anna Nicole Smith custody trial, announced he was stepping down… read more

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I really have nothing to share on the actual Don Imus controversy, but, what I do have to share is yet more head shaking at journalism. There are some mini polls on America Online today: Gee… not what the media is relaying is it? The part tthat kills me though is: At the time of… read more

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As of the morning of February 16th, 2007, I have officially given up on watching “Headline News”, mainly because it is anything BUT headlines. At 10:00 AM EST, you started showing the Anna Nicole Smith hearings regarding her remains live from the hearing room….for 10 minutes. You may have gone on longer, but I wouldn’t… read more

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To anyone who liked Anna Nicole Smith, this rant is not about HER as a person. Yes, Anna Nicole had a tragic life, I won’t argue that, what I will argue is the media should be ashamed of itself. In no way did she deserve the amount of coverage she received since her death yesterday.… read more

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