After setting numerous box office records around the globe, it appears the trend is being kept alive and well in the U.S. for the 23rd Bond film to be the highest grossing yet. Skyfall has already racked up $428 million internationally, and now it can $87.8 to its global tally from its opening weekend in… read more

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It appears that a DIsney film is still capable of winning the box office even if it doesn’t involve Pixar. Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s latest animated film, has won its opening weekend with a healthy $49.1 million haul. With pretty much universal love from the critics, it looks set to have a healthy, long run. Second… read more

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The approach of Hurricane Sandy could definitely be felt at the box office this weekend as the East coast of the United States turned its attention to boarding up windows as opposed to buying overpriced popcorn. In its third week of release, Argo finally scored the top spot, but with a very soft $12.3 million.… read more

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The Paranormal Activity series took a pretty big hit with its fourth installment from the third, but it still took the top spot for the weekend. Parnormal Activity 4 took in $30.2 million this weekend, which is still pretty good considering it had a $5 million budget, but compared to the $52 million Paranormal Activity… read more

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Despite scathing reviews, people still want to see Taken 2. Although it took a hit of 54.6 percent from its opening weekend, Taken 2 still came out on top this weekend with $22.5 million. It’s already grossed $86.7 million domestic off of a $45 million budget, so don’t be surprised if there is a talk… read more

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If you had told me back in the mid-1990s that I would be enjoying a movie directed by Ben Affleck I would have had a good laugh. Who would have guessed he would turn into a decent director? Argo tells the true story of how the CIA attempted to rescue six Americans out of Tehran… read more

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Liam Neeson won the weekend with Taken 2 despite critics blasting it as being a terrible follow-up to the surprise hit. Neeson’s second go-around as a man with “a particular set of talents” took in $50 million to easily win the weekend. It’s hovering around 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but with a B+ CinemaScore… read more

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