As deals go, this one is massive and will impact far more than you can possibly imagine. Time Warner is a huge media company with its fingers in print, TV, movies, music, streaming media and much more. Although you may not always know it, Time Warner is more than likely behind something you enjoy. Watch… read more

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I remember on January 9, 2007 falling deeply in love with the iPhone. A few days later realities set in for me, and while I still liked the idea, but I also knew at that point it was more about the possibilities it represented than what it was at the time.  There was, however, another… read more

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Apparently if you are unhappy with the new AT&T data plans, then you just need to keep those thoughts to yourself.  Complaints will not be tolerated. In this day and age of hyper-connectivity, it is not unusual for customers to e-mail CEOs of companies directly with questions and complaints.  Very few of them respond, although… read more

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All I have to say is, “It’s about ******’ time!” Word has been circulating all day today that not only will Apple be unveiling the long-rumored Apple Tablet on Wednesday as its press event, but that it may also finally be announcing that the iPhone will be available on multiple carriers, breaking the exclusivity with… read more

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I must request that no one calls my cell phone any more. Hear me out folks! When certain people call my phone, this causes my phone to ring (I know, what a revelation), and since I have attached a ringtone to their number, that means that music plays to let me know who it is.… read more

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When I first talked about the iPhone 3G, I mentioned as long as the phone was exclusive to AT&T, I wouldn’t be getting the device for myself.  Well, it seems things could be far, far worse… I could have to deal with Rogers in Canada. It seems that Rogers of Canada went so overboard with… read more

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