Avengers: Infinity War Part 2

Think Marvel was crazy to consider shooting two Marvel films at once? Will sit down, the budget will blow your mind. According to sources speaking with Bleeding Cool, Marvel has budgeted the epic two-part Avengers films at a cool $1 billion dollar for the whole affair. Reportedly $400 million of that is ear marked just… read more

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Marvel announced on Thursday that it has even more films on the way including a follow-up to Ant-Man. While it seemed like the Phase 3 Marvel movies were already set, apparently those plans are far more fluid than we thought. We already saw the studio make room for a Spider-Man movie, and now it has… read more

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It looks like the Russo Brothers are sticking with Marvel for some time to come. Joe and Anthony Russo  – collectively known as the Russo Brothers – had a hit with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and they are now set to direct Captain America: Civil War. It appears, however, that Marvel plans on keeping… read more

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The band is getting back together it seems in January for some reshoots on Avengers: Age of Ultron. There was a time when the word “reshoots” was synonymous with a film having problems. These days it just simply means that some things are being tweaked if they are fairly short, and according to The Daily… read more

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Marvel took the wraps off on Tuesday on its plans for all of Phase 3 of the Cinematic Universe, and it’s a doozy. Currently we’re in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which will wrap up with next year’s Ant-Man. From there on out things are going to escalate to a third Avengers film… read more

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