Avengers: Infinity War

Name another movie series that has taken a decade to pay off a storyline. I’ll wait. As a life-long comic book fan, I never could have imagined a world where people anxiously await the next Marvel film. I also couldn’t have imagined a world where all of the films are connected and a big purple… read more


Avengers: Infinity War is still months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start discussing it and how certain aspects will be handled. Speaking with IGN, Joe Russo – half of the Russo Brothers directing team – dropped some information about what we can expect to see in the upcoming third Avengers film. One thing… read more

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It seems as though Marvel and Sony’s plans for Spider-Man are starting to make a bit more sense. It has been known for some time that Sony and Marvel only currently have plans to work together through the sequel of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now it seems the two companies actually plotted out a five-part story arc… read more

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If you’re wondering what comes after Avengers 4, expect to be waiting a bit longer. Speaking at a Spider-Man: Homecoming press junket this past weekend, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige let it be known MCU Phase 4 is happening, but no one is ready to discuss it yet. I hope [the news comes] after that… read more

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