Yep…the oddness that is continues! Spotted in this weeks Soap Opera Digest: BAM Campaign AMCers have also sent e-mails to the execs expressing their desire to see Bianca and Maggie together again — for good! “‘BAM’ fans continue to do battle for their couple by recruiting new ‘BAM’ fans around the world,” they write.… read more

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So…remember how I mentioned the website I was behind,, got mentioned on Canadian TV? That brought us some traffic, but now comes the site being mentioned by the lesbians-in-media news site, In their weekly column, Best.Lesbian.Week.Ever., they mentioned the current storyline on All My Children and named Bam For Beginners as the place… read more

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January 16 2007


So, I know most of you are bored with hearing about, but something very, very cool happened today. As I was logging in for the morning and checking in with my email, I was getting notes from my fellow BAM fans about if I had heard about the TV mention I got. I had… read more

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