Barack Obama

The Obama coin people with the laser printer are back… oh joy. Remember the Obama Coin Collection I ranted about?  You know, the one Montel Williams was hawking on TV, and I was complaining about how it was obvious these people only slapped colored stickers on some normal coins?  Well, it seems they are back,… read more

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It’s finally here: election day. After what seems like the longest election cycle in history, it all comes down today.  All anyone can do at this point is to sit back and hope for the best.  No matter who wins the presidency, they have a long, hard road ahead of them due to this financial… read more

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Barack Obama’s team needs to learn some manners. Yesterday I was told by one of the editors at Mashable that I should do a list of resources about Obama’s pick for Vice President as soon as the name was released.  As it was coming via text message, I headed over to his site to sign… read more

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