February 24 2013

Razzie Winners for 2013

Awards season is upon us, and the most prestigious of them all was held last night, the Razzies. Each year, the night before the Oscars is reserved for the Razzies, the awards that honor the worst the film industry has to offer. And the big “winner” was Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 with a whopping seven wins.… read more

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It’s that time of year where we see which films were the biggest box office flops of 2012. 2012 has come to a close, so now we can see what films were sure to have gotten at lease a few executives yelled at. A few notes on the table, the vast majority of those listed… read more

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The third Batman film from Christopher Nolan stayed on top, beating its biggest challenge yet. In its third weekend at the box office, The Dark Knight Rises brought in $36.4 million, dropping a further 41.3% from its previous weekend.  It’s still trailing behind The Dark Knight by about $40 million from the same point its… read more

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It may not be raking in the same cash as its predecessor, but the third Batman film from Christopher Nolan is still doing pretty good. In its second weekend at the box office, The Dark Knight Rises brought in $64 million, down 60.5% from its huge opening weekend. That is not a great sign of… read more

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The fourth installment in the Ice Age franchise hit theaters this weekend, and while it came in number one, it is doubtful there is too much celebrating going on. Ice Age: Continental Drift landed in first this week with $46 million, but that’s down from previous installments, and well below other animated openings this summer… read more

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It may have taken the top spot this weekend, but there may be problems in the webbing. The Amazing Spider-Man released this past Tuesday, but there were still plenty of people that wanted to see it this weekend.  Over the three days this weekend the film took in $65 million bringing its domestic total to… read more

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It appears that the United States was ready to laugh as an R-rated comedy made its way to the top of the box office this weekend. Ted, the first feature film from Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame, won the weekend with a surprising $54.1 million.  Pretty much no one saw this result coming, and… read more

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No one in the world likes admitting they messed up at their job, but Peter Berg is taking it to a new level. Peter Berg, the director of Battleship, spoke with MTV about the possibility of a sequel to his board game movie. Battleship is a film that I would definitely like to do a… read more

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There aren’t many companies in Hollywood that can lay claim to 13 consecutive number one spot debuts for films, but Pixar can now do just that. Brave, the latest from the Disney-owned Pixar, took the top spot at the box office this weekend with $66.7 million. Of all the Pixar films this was the one… read more

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Nothing could stop the Afro Party going on up at the top of the box office. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted won its second weekend with $35.5 million, which represented a very healthy drop of 41.1%. To compare, Cars 2 dropped around 60% in its second weekend. Prometheus, on the other hand, didn’t fare as… read more

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The box office was taken over by talking animals, but it wasn’t quite as a clear cut victory as most expected. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted took over the number one spot at the box office this weekend with $60.3 million.  That puts it slightly behind the second film in the series, which seems to… read more

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It seems the summer box office may be recovering a bit if this weekend is any indication. No one was quite sure how Snow White and the Huntsman would do at the box office, but it ended up bringing in a healthy $56.2 million in its debut weekend.  It actually saw an increase from Friday… read more

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