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A full Orphan Black season 2 trailer is finally upon us, and it looks like the clone craziness will continue. Every time I write about this show I feel like I have to make something very clear: This show really is not that good. The writing of the technobabble garbage is horrible and the show… read more


Curious who will play the 12th Doctor? We’ll, will all find out together in a live TV special on Sunday, Aug. 4. Ever since Matt Smith announced on June 1 that he was leaving his role as the 11th Doctor, speculation has run rampant as to who would take over as the 900-year-old Time Lord.… read more

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BBC America has once again shown that it has obviously completely abandoned its original mission statement of bringing British television to American shores. Just last month I wrote about how BBC America has forgotten its roots, enough so that I was even prompted to write to the network to express my dismay at its changing… read more

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BBC America, once a bastion of British programming, seems to have completely lost track of its original intended purpose. Last year I complained when it was announced that BBC America was going to start showing Star Trek: The Next Generation.  While I could somewhat grasp the concept as Patrick Stewart is a well respected British… read more

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Could someone please explain to me why BBC America is going to start showing Star Trek: The Next Generation? BBC America is one of the channels I watch the most as I love British programming.  While the channel has had its ups and downs, and I’ve been disappointed by how little they’ve been showing of… read more

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