What is Doctor Who without the TARDIS? Well, one man in England may be trying to show all of us what that world may be like. Stef Coburn has filed a lawsuit against the BBC over its use of the iconic blue police call box as the form of the TARDIS in the Doctor Who… read more


Curious who will play the 12th Doctor? We’ll, will all find out together in a live TV special on Sunday, Aug. 4. Ever since Matt Smith announced on June 1 that he was leaving his role as the 11th Doctor, speculation has run rampant as to who would take over as the 900-year-old Time Lord.… read more

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Fire up the TARDIS, folks. The 50th anniversary Doctor Who special is going to be a bumpy one. It has been a long time since the Doctor Who series played with the concept of more than one incarnation of the Doctor running in to himself. The last time was in 2007 during a charity special… read more

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Pilot season is kicking into full gear at the networks, and as per usual, at least one show is coming from England. We’ll just go ahead and mark it for failure. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that ABC has ordered a pilot for Only Fools and Horses, based on what is considered one of the greatest… read more

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The promise of new Absolutely Fabulous episodes coming from the BBC filled fans with a mixture of both dread and elation.  With the series nearing its 20th anniversary it has to be difficult to recapture the original magic, but from the first clip released by the BBC, it feels just like old times. The original… read more

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January 29 2007

Now that’s dedication

Interesting article about a group of EastEnders fans in the Washington D.C. area that rallied to save their favorite British soap. Their local PBS channel, WETA, had informed their viewers they were going to be dropping the long-running BBC soap opera from the line-up due to the cost vs. ratings. It seems the show costs… read more

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