Isn’t that headline scary?  Yes, Pownce is shutting down… now, for the 99% of you who have no idea what/who Pownce is, I’ll fill you in. Kevin Rose, the man behind Digg, hinted for a while back in 2007 that he was working on a secret project, and on June 27, 2007, it was revealed… read more

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See this image to the left?  This is what I was talking about the other day. I was assigned to review a new site, which I will be nice and note name, hence the huge blank on the email address area, but I can’t review it because they keep giving me this error over and… read more

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I noticed something this morning when I started my computer at work that annoys the hell out of me: IM programs.When did it become so insane that I have to have four IM programs open at all times? I’m not even counting Skype in all this, though I always have it on, but I meant… read more

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