black friday

Black Friday – Fine, you’ve been around for a while. Small Biz Saturday – Cute. I would argue it does nothing, but whatever. Cyber Monday – Still think you’re a bit silly, but you seem to be here to stay. Giving Tuesday – Okay, wait. Where did this one come from? I have nothing against… read more

Black Friday 2009 went pretty smoothly … Black Friday 2010 won’t. Mind you I only went to my local Walmart for Black Friday and I hadn’t been to one since 2006, but I know 2007 & 2008 were just nuts as they had always been.  After the death of a Walmart employee in Long Island,… read more

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My anger at the Walmart situation from Friday is getting worse. As if the actual incident wasn’t bad enough, more details are emerging of how people went on to purchase televisions as Jdimytai Damourlaid in the entry way, presumably already dead.  No one stopped shopping until the Nassau County Police shut down the store as… read more

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Black Friday needs to be ended as we know it, and it needs to happen immediately. This morning in Long Island, NY, a 34-year-old overnight stock clerk was trampled to death as he attempted to assist in holding back the crowds.  According to reports from the Daily News, the crush was powerful enough that the… read more

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