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September 29 2007


No no no no no no no! I am so NOT excited about this, but over the next few days I have to do a sample video blog for one of my projects. I am NOT a photogenic person, I am NOT excited about this, and quite frankly am dreading it! Where do I do… read more

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Ever just had one of those days? I actually woke up in a good mood… I know… try not to be shocked.  It lasted about a 1/2 hour. When I got to work, as my system started up, there was a notice of an email on my Gmail account which pretty much assures it relates… read more


Well… this feels odd making another post like this, but… I got another job. I know, I just posted yesterday about joining, and now, I’ve joined up with, another tech blog, but different in its own ways. Not sure what all this writing will do to my everyday blogging, but we’ll see. My… read more

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A little while ago I made a post that I would be doing sponsored posts every now and then. Don’t bother looking for it, I deleted it. This is not revisionist history as I am admitting here I did it, but, when the time came to pull the trigger and do my first one… I… read more

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