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As of Dec. 27, 2012 officially became the highest grossing year ever at the domestic box office for the movie industry. As of Thursday, the domestic U.S. box office total for the year passed $10.6 billion, beating the record set in 2009 of $10.59 billion. With four days – and a holiday weekend amidst that… read more

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A lot of times when you see box office results, the only one that seems to matter is the United States, but with just about everything else in the world these days, there is a big world out there that also matters. As I have said a countless number of times, for a movie to… read more

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X-Men: First Class may have won the weekend, but it didn’t perform anywhere close to expectations. Clocking in at $55 million, the newest film in the X-Men franchise beat the debut of the original film from back in 2000, but just barely.  Adjusted for inflation, the prequel fell short of the original based on attendance… read more

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I have gone on and on about how hard it is for a movie to be considered profitable, but yet the top two films this weekend did it in their opening weekends.  What lesson is there here? High School Musical 3, the first of the popular franchise to be in theaters, has a reported production… read more

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