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The flight path of Star Trek:Discovery has hit another bit of turbulence. CBS announced this week that Bryan Fuller is departing Discovery as showrunner, but he will remain onboard as an executive producer. We are extremely happy with the creative direction of Star Trek: Discovery and the strong foundation that Bryan Fuller has helped us… read more


CBS has found a co-creator and showrunner for its new Star Trek series. It was announced on Tuesday that Bryan Fuller would be stepping into the showrunner position on CBS’ upcoming new Star Trek series. Fuller has an interesting pedigree having worked on Deep Space Nine and Voyager, but also going on to create shows… read more


If you’re holding your breath for Pushing Daisies to show up on Kickstarter ala Veronica Mars, don’t hold your breath. You can’t swing a canceled TV show the past couple days without hitting someone discussing bringing a TV show back to life via Kickstarter. Thanks to the success of the Veronica Mars project, it seems… read more

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Despite having finally decided to air the pilot for Halloween, NBC will not be moving forward with a full order on Mockingbird Lane. For reasons known only to NBC, the network has opted to not pick up Mockingbird Lane, the modern day reboot of The Munsters from Bryan Fuller. The lone airing of the pilot drew… read more

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NBC is doing some promotion on the Mockingbird Lane pilot … er … special, before it airs on Oct. 26. It seems that NBC can’t make up its mind about what will happen with Mockingbird Lane – the reboot of the 1960s The Munsters TV series. After years in development, and then a $10 million… read more

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It appears that the remake of The Munsters – now known as Mockingbird Lane – is indeed dead, but in an effort to recoup the $10 million sunk into the pilot, NBC will burn it off as a one-off special before Halloween. After conflicting reports that the Mockingbird Lane project was dead, NBC has apparently… read more

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It’s been a crazy few days for Mockingbird Lane – the potential update to The Munsters – and it hasn’t even aired on television yet. Bryan Fuller, the man behind such great shows as Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, has been working on Mockingbird Lane for some time now. His script survived a regime change at… read more

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The first design images for Mockingbird Lane, the remake of The Munsters, have been released, and it is definitely a whole new direction. Bryan Fuller, the creator behind Pushing Daisies, is moving ahead with his modern day re-do of the camp classic, The Munsters.  The new series will film its pilot in June, and should… read more

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Joining the growing ranks of rehashed TV shows being brought back is growing today with the announcement that NBC has ordered a pilot for The Munsters. Originally airing from 1964 to 1966, which was at the same time as  The Addams Family, The Munsters has had a cult following ever since it went off the… read more

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