If you have not joined the world of Joss Whedon yet, and you have a Netflix account … rejoice! Netflix today added what boils down to the entire Joss Whedon TV catalog to its Watch Instantly service.  This selection includes: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer seasons 1 – 7 Angel seasons 1 – 5 Firefly season… read more

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As anyone who reads this blog knows, I love Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and I sing that fact from the rooftops every chance I get. Well, the thing with a series that is over is that it can feel daunting to go back and watch seven seasons of a show to see if it was… read more

Dollhouse, the new sci-fi series from Joss Whedeon, premieres on Friday, February 13th, on Fox at 9 EST/8 CST. Please watch… I’m begging you. The series centers around Echo (played by Eliza Dushku) who is an “active’ inside the Dollhouse. Actives are people that have had their memories wiped so that they are a blank… read more

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***MAJOR SPOILERS***… read more

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Jack Bourdain is a talented chef whose party lifestyle has effectively ended his career: too much wine, women and song has made Jack a has-been. But when he’s given a second chance and just 48 hours to open an upscale restaurant, Jack assembles a sexy, hilariously dysfunctional staff and things really start cooking, both in… read more

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I loved Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, and think Joss Whedon walks on water…this review will be slightly slanted. Anyway, for those who haven’t heard about this, Joss is doing “season 8” of the TV series as a comic books. I just read it, and… spoilers follow! Characters Seen: Buffy Xander Dawn *someone who appears on… read more

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