Interesting article at Business Week today about how the number of homes with a land line is dropping. In the first half of 2006, 1 in 8 homes were using something other than a traditional land line as their phone. In 2003 it was 1 in 20.

The weird thing is the article seems to focus mostly on how this will effect research calls and political polling like this is a great tragedy and how they don;t know they will do their polling. How about mentioning WHY this is happening? Landlines are not keeping up with cell phone and VoIP pricing, and so long as they keep their insanely high pricing structure, the number of homes with old style phones will decrease.

How about instead of worrying about how a few pollers will do their job, what about the thousands of phone company employees that will eventually lose their jobs because the phone companies refuse to lower their fees? There was a ton more to this story, but as usual, poor, lazy reporting and missed the bigger picture.


I want to marry Steve Jobs.

Yes, yes, I know he’s a man…I know it wouldn’t be legal…I know he has a wife….I don’t care! I want to marry him.

Ladies and gentleman…the iPhone

After years of speculation, Apple has gone and done it. They’ve created what is quite possibly the coolest cell phone ever. Wait…did I say cell phone? I meant cell phone/iPod/PDA/camera…I’m not sure that covers everything this sucker does.

MacRumors.com gives us this quick and dirty specs list:

Hardware Features
– 3.5″ Widescreen touch-sensitive display
– 11.6 mm thin
– 2 megapixel camera
– proximity sensor, accelerometer, and ambient light sensors
– Quad-band GSM/EDGE + WiFI + Bluetooth 2.0
– Battery Life: 16 hours audio, 5 hour talk/video/browse time

Software Features
– Runs version of OSX. “Full desktop-class applications”
– conference call support with up to 3 participants
– multiple SMS session support (iChat-like interface)
– Safari: first fully useable HTML browser on a phone
– “coolest photo management app ever”
– Widget support
– Yahoo IMAP mail
– Google Maps (with satellite image) integration

The thing is, the specs aren’t what excite me so much, but the real life scenarios demonstrated at the keynote address. (Engadget, as always, did a kick ass job live blogging this).

Let’s say you’re jammin’ out to your iPod when a phone call comes in. The music fades out and brings the call to the front. When you lift the phone to your ear, the proximity sensor turns off the touch screen so your face won’t be telling the buttons what to do. While talking, another call comes in…no problem, just conference them. Somebody needs you to send them over a picture…yeah, you can do that while still talking. Ok, gotta go now *hang up* music resumes where it was.


Want full web browsing? I mean that…full.web.browsing. Not a WAP version of a page, but a full-on, honest to god, looks like you are a computer, web browser? Want to see a section of the website larger? *double tap section of the screen*, boy, I would love to see this in landscape mode *turns phone on it’s side, screen rotates*


Want to watch movies or TV shows you’ve downloaded from iStore? No problem!


Ok, not enough?

Your out somewhere and you need to figure out directions. *click on Google Maps* hmmm Wonder if there is a coffee shop near here *search* Yep. *click on the number, phone dials it automatically*


But here’s the part I don’t think was really made clear in the presentation, Jobs kinda touched on it, but I think he left it for everyone to fully figure out the magnitude of this. There is only one physical button on the phone, the home button. Everything else is touchscreen. You want iPod, you touch iPod and you get iPod specific controls and so on. Now, let’s say 3 months after you buy the phone they come out with some new little feature, you would be totally bummed. Well, as long as it’s not tied to a new piece of hardware, you could add this new function to your phone via a download. Think about this for a minute…this is a totally customizable piece of technology with SOME future proofing built in to it!

Here’s where people are freaking out though…the price. $499 for the 4gb version and $599 for the 8gb version. Both those prices include a 2 year contract with Cingular. There’s the kicker for me…Cingular doesn’t service my town. I may just cry.

Do yourselves a favor, check out the iPhone site, watch the Quicktime movies of the features. In the meantime….I’m off to order wedding invitations. (and laugh at my pitiful BlackBerry 7290…)