CES 2012

This post is a lie. Although it is dated as January 11, it really is being posted on the 13th. Why am I allowing myself this lie? Because the two missed days of posting were not my fault by any stretch of the imagination, but that of Las Vegas’ total lack of ability to handle… read more

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While working at CES 2012 today at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the TechnoBuffalo team encountered some Internet issues for a bit.  How do you know you work for a tech company?  When not only are people carrying multiple phones on them, but multiple hot spots.  This picture shows just about half of the hotspots… read more

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It’s the end of Press Day at CES, and beyond just being flat out pooped, I am walking away with a feeling of, “wow, technology does some silly things.” Do you need to control your washing machine from your smartphone? You can do that now. Do you thing your fridge just doesn’t cool a 12… read more


I’m currently sitting in a hotel in Kansas City, preparing to go to bed as I have to be up at the unhealthy hour of 5 AM to catch a shuttle to the airport at 6 AM. Where am I off to this time? Vegas, baby. Vegas. No, I haven’t suddenly gotten an unhealthy gambling… read more

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