Everyone seems to be in a tizzy over the fact that the voice we heard come out of 7-year-old Lin Miaoke during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies was actually that of Yang Peiyi, another 7-year-old. Um… hello?  It’s China. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here is the video of the offending song,… read more

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Ina follow-up to my original post, Beijing has opened the Internet to journalists slightly more, but it still isn’t what they promised. While the International Olympic Committee has met with Beijing officials, they still have not gotten the unrestricted access to the Internet that journalists were promised.  According to the Telegraph, journalists are finding the… read more

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For the most part I have tried staying out of the whole controversy over the Olympics being held in China, except for one post about attacking the torch carriers, but now I’m annoyed. The media had been assured they would receive unrestricted Internet access while in the Main Press Center or at the event venues. … read more

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I love the Olympics, and controversy or not, there is nothing I can do about where they are being held, and I don’t see how my watching them will hurt, so… watch I shall. All that aside, I know this picture to the right has been circulating for ages (about a week), but I only… read more

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