Chris Pine

Chris Pine has reportedly walked away from talks on Star Trek 4. Chris Hemsworth was also supposed to return as Kirk’s father in this one, but he also apparently walked away. Everyone is offering opinions, and talking about how these negotiations have to get back on track and so on. And, honestly… I say we… read more

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Wonder Woman looks set to begin production in November, and the cast for the film is just now beginning to come together. It isn’t entirely clear why Warner Brothers is just now assembling the cast for the standalone Wonder Woman movie, but rumors are coming hot and heavy as to who will be joining Gal… read more

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Capt. Kirk may be joining Wonder Woman on the big screen if the rumors are to be believed. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Pine is in talks with Warner Brothers to play Steve Trevor, the love interest of Diana, in the upcoming Wonder Woman film. Reportedly the deal is done, but not officially announced… read more

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Star Trek 2 has begun filming in Los Angeles this week and is scheduled for release on May 17, 2013. Much to the surprise of many, myself included, the 2009 reboot of Star Trek was highly enjoyable, and a sequel seemed assured.  Due to the busy schedules of just about everyone involved, it took longer… read more

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