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Are you curious about Doctor Who, but never wanted to ask someone for fear of ridicule? There’s an infographic for that! Infographics are a common tool in the tech industry as a way to quickly share a large amount of info in a quick, easily accessible manner. They’re usually full of colorful, friendly graphics, and… read more

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While the core of Doctor Who has always remained the same, the regeneration of the Doctor is always a time of some trepidation. If you don’t like the new actor, you’re stuck with them for a few years, and you just have to hope the next one is an improvement. When the fourth Doctor (Tom… read more

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The countdown to the final days of David Tennant as the tenth Doctor Who have begun, and I couldn’t be sadder. I remember when the announcement that Tom Baker was leaving Dr. Who in 1981 started circulating, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the character.  He was my favorite Doctor and I just didn’t… read more

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Maybe toy properties just shouldn’t be made into movies. The Super Bowl spot for G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra has popped up online a day before the game and… yeah, not thrilling to it.  After my last go around with the Paramount licensing department over images from this movie (which resulted in me… read more

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November 13 2008

Who Is The Best Doctor Who

With the recent news that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who, it is time for speculation to run rampant again about who the next actor to enter the TARDIS will be. Ever since Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor) had the longest run at the character, people have speculated wildly with each passing regeneration who would… read more

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It’s official: David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who. I’m surprised to find I have never discussed my love of Doctor Who before on this blog, but it is true, I have been a fan of the series since the Tom Baker years in the late 1970s.  For those of you unfamiliar with the basic premise… read more

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