Cobie Smulders

How I Met Your Mother is officially coming back for a ninth season. And still no sign of the mother. Season 8 was the last of the current contracts for series creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays as well as all the cast. Thomas and Bays had requested that CBS give them a decision on… read more

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The new trailer for The Avengers from Japan is just made of so much awesome that it hurts. We already had one awesome trailer for The Avengers recently, but the new one from Japan is just so much more awesome that it almost hurts.  More shots of the attacking army, the first spoken lines for… read more

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In all of the pre-promotion for The Avengers, not a whole lot of attention is being paid to Cobie Smulders character of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill. Not a well-known character outside of die-hard Marvel redears, Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother fame got the role of tough-as-nails Maria Hill.  She’s only been around since 2005… read more

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With 10 months to go, Marvel is wasting no time getting us all worked up for the upcoming film of The Avengers.  Considering the amount of time and money the company has put into prepping for this film, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Released over the course of the San Diego Comic-Con was a… read more

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