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January 20 2013

R.I.P. Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry was born March 16, 2006. I brought him hom on May 21, 2006 along with his brother (litter mate) Winston Churchill. During that car ride we stopped to let them out to go to the bathroom. Before we could get leads on them, both of them lept from the car, and Winston tore… read more

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March 15 2010

Introducing Dexter

Okay, it’s official, I’m turning into a crazy old dog person. Back in June of 2009 we added Franklin as our fourth and final dog.  They were all cocker spaniels, we were happy and then … a friend came into a situation where she had to move to an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. …… read more

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There is one drawback to my blog readership exploding in the past year, and that is I am getting more and more reluctant to do personal stories. It isn’t what the majority of my RSS subscribers signed up for, but there are times where I just can’t resist throwing in a bit of personal news,… read more

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Scattercast is 42… and it has all the answers! – Dogs and ticks… and more about Franklin. – How I feel about the gym so far… and the people who go. – recorded our second podcast on TalkShoe this week, and it was a blast. – The MPAA loves video cameras all of a… read more

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Meet Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Yes, he is the one on the left. It’s been quite a while since I talked about my dogs, and the only reason it is coming up today is that we are adding a fourth to our pack.  Franklin, as he will be known, is a tri-parti mix, although his tan… read more

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It’s episode 28… Scattercast refuses to drink the crazy juice! It doesn’t give in to peer pressure! This week is a collection of random craziness… my favorite kind of episode! – What do you think about me adding intro music? – What a week I’ve had. Yeesh. – 24 really went over the edge of… read more

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