Late night commercials are sometimes just annoying, but at other times they can be down right disturbing. Have you had the… er… pleasure yet of seeing the TV add for the Trojan Vibrating Touch?   If you have missed this gem, you can see it here as I’m not particularly in the mood to embed… read more

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February 4 2007

Odd Advertising

I’m watching Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspurs and I noticed something that struck me as just randomly odd. Due to the lack of commercials in a half, whomever shows the game has to get creative, in this case, Fox Soccer Channel. There are no time outs in soccer, no natural breaks in a half, the… read more

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General Rants Sports

January 31 2007

Super Bowl

You know, if you like the Super Bowl, swell, more power to you, but do we ALL have to be beat over the head with it for a week? Do I need to see it EVERY flippin’ time I turn on the TV? I DON’T CARE! Sports belongs on sports channels and during the sports… read more

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