Cowboy Bebop

Netflix has announced the cast for Cowboy Bebop. It looks like this is actually going to come together, but all I can keep thinking is, “Man, this is not going to be a cheap series.” I’m not talking the cast, I’m talking the sets. First, you have the Bebop itself. It’s a pretty large ship,… read more


Cowboy Bebop is being remade as a live-action series for Netflix and it’s the end of the world… or not. I love Cowboy Bebop. It’s easily one of the best anime series ever made in my opinion. Netflix has announced it has ordered a live-action take on the series, and… the internet lost its mind.… read more


Be seeing you, space cowboy… It was revealed on Tuesday that arguably one of the best anime series of all times, Cowboy Bebop, could be hitting our television sets as a live-action series.Tomorrow Studios – a partnership between ITV Studios and Marty Adlestein – are behind the project. Executive producers will include Sunset Inc. –… read more

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