Crimes Of Fashion

About once a year I blow the dust off the “Crimes of Fashion” category around here.  It isn’t that I really follow fashion, but as I cruise around the Web I get exposed to bits and pieces of it, and occasionally something just leaps out at me.  Well, this year the honor goes to a… read more

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You know what this world was lacking? Shoes with a built-in bottle opener. Hot Topic, the chain of mall stores that has turned legions of teenagers into wanna-be vampires, have solved one of the last great problems of life on Earth: never having a bottle opener when you need it.  GENIUS!  I want to meet… read more

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I can’t take it any more… Christmas Sweaters must be banned. While I am certainly no slave to fashion, I can be a bit harsh in sizing up other people that make really atrocious fashion choices.  Like my hatred of Crocs, I think I hate Christmas sweaters with an even larger passion.  The main reason… read more

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One of my co-workers at Mashable, Stan Schroeder, sent out a Twitter update about some new jeans, so I had a look, and what you see to the left is what I saw. Apparently these brilliant things are the brain child of some fashion group named Sanna’s Brazil Fashion out of Japan.  You can see… read more