Daniel Day-Lewis

The new international trailer for Lincoln is far superior to the U.S. one, and one has to wonder why. Here is the U.S. Lincoln trailer from a few months ago. Once again I don’t understand why different trailers are cut, but I have to say the international version is far more gripping. I was already… read more

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I used to hate Daniel Day-Lewis. I mean that literally. Anytime I saw him appear in a movie I lost all interest immediately. Then I saw Gangs of New York. My love of Martin Scorsese was enough to trump my Day-Lewis hatred. I still find his early work annoying and pompous, but he seems to… read more

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The Golden Globe nominations for 2010 have been announced, and there are some really interesting nods this year. The Golden Globes is one of the few awards that acknowledges excellence in both television and film, and tends to be more relaxed than the Academy Awards. However, even if the relaxed attitude, the awards are considered… read more

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