While I have hated both Transformers movies, I have appreciated what they have done for the toy line.  I may be 39, but I still have a deep love of toys, and I collect those that interest me. All that being said, all of the pictures popping up from the filming Chicago seem to indicate… read more

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You know what a good career move is?  To be in a successful movie franchise and decide at the last minute you don’t want to be in the third film.  Always a good way to instill confidence in future projects. One of the worst things about the Transformers movies has been Megan Fox. Her “acting”… read more

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Two clips for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen have been released, and, yes, one of them has me worried about the sequel also. For some reason these two clips have shown up dubbed in German and French, and also subtitled in Japanese, but they are no where to be found in clean English versions.  Why… read more

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Ugh. Here are good shots of eight of the Transformers from the upcoming movie. Click any image for a super large version. And I do mean LARGE. These designs disturb me for so many reasons. Take Franzy for instance, he’s too frail looking. Yes, he is the smallest Transformer in the movie, but that doesn’t… read more

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