Denis Villeneuve

Soldado may be one of my most anticipated films of 2018 and that surprises me as much as it does you. If you haven’t seen Sicario, you are missing out on one of the best films of the past few years. True, it was directed by Denis Villeneuve, but it was still a gripping and… read more

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Blade Runner 2049 released a new trailer on Monday, and as much as I want to get excited for this movie, I’m finding it rough. I think Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Arrival) is one of the most exciting directors currently working. His films are amazing, and visually Blade Runner 2049 certainly feels like it belongs to… read more

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I enjoy the work of Denis Villeneuve, but I’m still not convinced we need this movie. The original 1982 Blade Runner is an undeniable classic. Ridley Scott masterfully constructed a vision of the future that would influence movies for decades to come. There was talk for years of a sequel, but things just never seemed… read more

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Apparently Denis Villeneuve is now the go to director for all sci-fi reboots. Riding high on the success of Arrival, Denis Villeneuve will next hit theaters with Blade Runner 2049, and then he will move on to Legendary Pictures’ remake of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Just this past November we learned that Legendary had picked up the film… read more