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BBC announced the 13th actor to play Doctor Who on Sunday, and the honor goes to Jodie Whittaker. Peter Capaldi will be vacating the role of the Doctor in this year’s Christmas Special which will air around the world on Dec. 25. There is no clue how much of Whittaker we will see at that… read more


To no great surprise, Peter Capaldi has announced that he is leaving the role of Doctor Who after this year’s Christmas special. Since the time of David Tenant it has become a rule of thumb that actors take on the role of Doctor Who for three seasons and then call it a day. It is… read more


The Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who is coming to an end, and now we have our first taste of what to expect. Yeah… even I have had enough of the Daleks. Moffat is exiting Doctor Who at the end of the year – and some rumors say so will Peter Capaldi – but before… read more

In a not so shocking twist, it appears that Peter Capaldi may leave Doctor Who along with Steven Moffat. Following in the footsteps of the news that Steven Moffat is departing Doctor Who comes a new rumor that Capaldi may exit the TARDIS after the 2017 season. The upcoming season next year will mark Capaldi’s… read more


The Steven Moffat area of Doctor Who is set to come to an end in 2018. The BBC has announced that Steven Moffat, the showrunner for Doctor Who since July 2009, will be stepping down after the next series in 2017.  And, yes, you read that right. The next set of episodes of Doctor Who,… read more


The annual Doctor Who Christmas Special finally put to rest the biggest mystery currently surrounding the series: Jenna Coleman is not done playing companion Clara Oswald. With the way the last season of Doctor Who ended, you shouldn’t feel silly thinking Coleman was vacating the companion seat on the TARDIS. She was kept out of… read more


Rumors have been flying that Jenna Coleman would be leaving the TARDIS at the end of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, but now she may be reconsidering. The companions that travel with the Doctor have become as important as the Time Lord himself, so when news breaks of one of them leaving, everyone starts wondering… read more


Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time for another Doctor Who Christmas Special. With this season completed, and Clara departing the TARDIS, it’s time for a Doctor solo adventure, it looks like it will involve some sort of sticky aliens and… Santa? Hey, why not. Maybe Santa is the companion? How awesome would that… read more

Last night was an interesting time in the world of Doctor Who fans. For a great many out there, this is the first time the Doctor has had gray hair. It’s the first time he hasn’t been a young rogue with a catch phrase. It is the first time fans have had to realize the… read more


After what seems like an eternity, Doctor Who returns to the air on Aug. 23. The BBC opted for this new season to air all 13 episodes without a break, so the wait has been a bit longer than usual for a new season, but now we know that by the end of the summer… read more

Next to the regeneration of the Doctor on Doctor Who, the most exciting thing is the addition of new companions. It appears that Peter Capaldi will have a new friend traveling with him in his magical blue box very soon. The BBC announced on Monday that Samuel Anderson is joining the long running sci-fi series as… read more

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December 25 2013

So Long, Matt Smith

As the era of the 11th Doctor draws to a close, it’s amazing how far this young man has taken the character of Doctor Who. As I write this, “The Time of the Doctor” has begun airing in the U.K. We’re still a few hours away in the U.S., but BBC America is treating us… read more


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