January 20 2013

R.I.P. Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry was born March 16, 2006. I brought him hom on May 21, 2006 along with his brother (litter mate) Winston Churchill. During that car ride we stopped to let them out to go to the bathroom. Before we could get leads on them, both of them lept from the car, and Winston tore… read more

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July 17 2011

Animal Dumping

If you know me at all, you know that I am a sucker for animals.  Between my five dogs and one cat, that should be pretty evident.  So, imagine my dismay yesterday when I started seeing what appeared to be a little kitten hanging around my dumpster. A kitten that was obviously too young to… read more

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March 15 2010

Introducing Dexter

Okay, it’s official, I’m turning into a crazy old dog person. Back in June of 2009 we added Franklin as our fourth and final dog.  They were all cocker spaniels, we were happy and then … a friend came into a situation where she had to move to an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. …… read more

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My boys wish you all a Merry Christmas. Click any of the images for a larger view. Patrick Henry Winston Churchill Theodore Roosevelt… read more


December 23 2007

Snow Addiction

This is Teddy. Teddy has a problem. He suffers from “snow addiction”. We’re trying to get him in a program, he’s up to a couple inches a day. It’s horrible. (you can click the image for a larger view of his shame)… read more

Laura of TLD Cocker Spaniels has her hands full with cocker spaniels at the moment. (For those who follow along, Laura was the breeder of my Winston and Patrick) Besides her usual puppies, which the current litter is ADORABLE, she has three adults that need homes. Pictured here is Monte. He was born December 16th,… read more


September 10 2007


We built the dogs a makeshift crate at work that we can lock them up quickly when the UPS man comes. Patrick likes to lay on top of things, why, I have no clue, but he does. So, it took him no time at all to figure out he could jump in a chair and… read more


General Rants

May 10 2007


Could someone please explain to me what real purpose ticks serve? Where I live, we have Deer Ticks, and this year they are thicker than usual. In a normal year, I will find one or two on me. In the past 24 hours I have found two on me. Luckily they had not dug in… read more

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General Rants

February 16 2007

Flippin’ Snow

I’m too cold and too tired of fighting with snow to blog anything super coherent tonight. I’m the only one home for a week as my parents and employees are in Orlando, FL working a convention, so it’s just me, the 3 dogs and my 85 year old grandmother, who lives in her own house… read more

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