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With the news that Dollhouse has been cancelled, show creator Joss Whedon is examining his options, and at least one of those includes binge drinking. In a comment on the Joss Whedon fansite Whedonesque, Mr. Whedon came to share the news of the show’s cancellation, but discovered he had been beaten to the punch. Hmm.… read more

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It seems that it is time to put the Dolls away for good. After numerous rumors that Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse was going to meet its demise, it’s looking it is now official. According to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, Fox has informed Joss Whedon that it will burn off the remaining episodes of the current… read more

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It seems we are about to do the Dollhouse Cancellation Tango again. Dollhouse is off the air for most of October as Fox airs the baseball post season games, but commercials had promised it would return in November with new episodes.  Well, Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly learned today that the show has been pulled… read more

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It’s true folks, Dollhouse is getting a second season. The official announcement won’t happen until Monday, but sources are saying a thirteen episode order has been placed.  If you’re concerned about it being only thirteen, don’t be.  Television networks normally order that number, see how things are going, and then they’ll order “the back nine”… read more

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It seems that the cancellation of Dollhouse is drawing closer and closer. While it is not a certainity yet, and there is still a glimmer of hope that we’ll see a second season, that glimmer seems to be fading pretty darn fast at this point.  Series creator Joss Whedon has made two public appearances this… read more

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