Celebrity ApprenticeThere is a certain point where reality shows run their course, and The Celebrity Apprentice has definitely reached that point.

As with my story of quitting How I Met Your Mother, I have just reached  point with the entire Apprentice franchise where I just can’t stomach it any more.  Having watched everything up to this 11th season, and including the Martha Stewart spinoff, I’ve watched everything that has aired for this series thus far.  However, when we got to the Sunday April 10th episode (which I didn’t watch for a few days), I finally had my suspicions confirmed that Trump doesn’t base his decisions on anything other than ratings potential, and that has made me finally just drop the show.

In this particular episode, Mark McGrath was fired despite the fact that the clients, Trump’s children/advisors and all the contestants called for the firing of Gary Busey.  The problem is, Busey is more marketable than McGrath, so Trump mysteriously decides that it’s actually McGrath that needs to go despite Busey’s horrible performance in the task.  Yeah, that makes total sense.  While I had always figured the more controversial person was kept for ratings chances, it had never been quite this obvious before.

It doesn’t really matter in the larger scheme of things, and I’ve since heard Busey was fired in the following episode, but I just can’t be bothered any more.  Perhaps I was slightly influenced by quitting How I Met Your Mother in the same week, and it feels like it’s time to cleanse myself of shows I am watching now more out of habit than any actual desire.  Perhaps it is my collector mentality from the days of comic books, but I always feel like if I start something than I should follow it through to completion, but I’m learning you can indeed drop a show without feeling guilty.  I’ve done it in the past, but it’s been rare, and now I plan to make it a bit more frequent of a habit as I actually find it rather liberating.

I have no delusions about just how realistic “reality shows” are, but when you’re this glaringly obvious with your manipulations, give your audience some credit for at least having two brain cells to rub together.

Be sure to come back Saturday when I discuss what I think has gone horribly wrong with American television in general.


carrie prejeanFor some reason only known to Donald Trump, Carrie Prejean is going to keep her crown as Miss California.

Carrie Prejean, the current Miss California, has been embroiled in more controversies than you can you can shake a stick at as of late.  First there was the controversial answer to the question posed by gossip blogger Perez Hilton at the Miss USA pageant, to which you have to say, “Hey, her answer may not be popular, but she’s entitled to her opinion.”  It was what came after that which makes you wonder why this woman still has her crown.

I’m not one for following beauty pageants, I find them rather archaic personally, but when a woman has displayed such flagrant disregard for the standards of the pageant, and more specifically the contract she signed, it becomes a matter of business.  Seeing that Donald Trump, a man who prides himself on his business acumen, is the one running the show, then you really have to question why he would let a woman consistently violate a binding contract agreement without any repercussions.

Here is a list of things she has done to violate her contract.

  • The application specifically asks if the applicant had ever posed nude or semi-nude for any photographs.  She said she hadn’t, but as the first of multiple leaked photos (NSFW image, though no full nudity) hit the Internet, it became obvious she had lied.  There is some debate if these images were taken before or after the contract was signed, but it doesn’t really matter.  Due to the size of her breasts in the image (the Miss California pageant organizes paid for her to get breast enlargement), it appears it was after her application.
  • Her contract states that she has to make appearances at the request of the Miss California organization at their request.  She has been failing to do so, only sending statements through her public relations manager that usually boil down to “I’m busy”.
  • TMZ has uncovered some topless, front-view pictures of Ms. Prejean, pre-breast enlargement, which would indicate there come from before the application.  Which, again, comes back to, ‘she lied’.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about her or her antics, what irks me is Donald Trump saying today, “Carrie will remain Miss California. We are in the 21st century.”  Oh… okay… I guess this translates to, “it’s the 21st century folks, contracts aren’t worth the paper they are written on, so feel free to do as you please.”

This is a man who hosts a “reality” show based around the principles of business, and this would lead one to believe that if a woman who has signed a contract with you has violated, and is continuing to violate, said contract, you fire her.  Come on, Trump, we all know you know how to say, “You’re Fired”, it’s your blasted catch phrase for crying out loud!

Whatever, it’s his pageant afterall, and it doesn’t mean a hill of beans to anything that goes on in the rest of the world, but it is fascinating to know that contracts apparently mean nothing to Donald Trump.


The Apprentice is over, and quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier about it. I really think it may be time for this show to go bye-bye, but I don’t think it is happening anytime soon sadly.

Basically I’m just going to give you the short-and-sweet version because it was boring as all get out. Andrea’s coughing blood, nosebleeds turned out to be nothing serious, so she was able to come back to the team and help Sean.

Really the whole episode boiled down to Lee’s team being totally incompotent and Lenny making a joke out of everything. Nothing was prepared correctly, the celebrities weren’t handelled correctly and it was just a disaster really.

Sean’s event ran smoothly, was fun and no one got angry. Yeah, Sean won. Adios horrible season!


The Apprentice opened with Sean and Lee waiting to see who would come back from teh board room, instead they found themselves summoned there. Once there, Trump informs them that they are the final two and their last task would begin the next morning. He instructed them to go back to the suite, look at the other candidates and pick three each for their team. Little did they know that all the fired employees were waiting for them in the flesh.

After mini-interviews with their former teammates, they chose their teams:

Sean – Andrea, Tammy and Tarek
Lee – Lenny, Pepi and Roxanne

Pepi? PEPI?!? He was out second! This even sent Carolyn in to fits of laughter at one point. Anyway, the next morning, both teams met with Trump, Carolyn and George in the board room and they learned their tasks. Sean, who would be known as Synergy, would be in charge of the Pontiac/Barenaked Ladies concert at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City to benefit the World Wildlife Fund. Lee would be Gold Rush and would be running the Pontiac/Celebrity Hockey Game at Chelsea Piers for the Leary Firefighters Foundation.

Synergy had a great meeting with the WWF and toured Taj Mahal in prep for the event. Gold Rush visited with a rep from the Leary Firefighter’s Foundation, and had a less than stellar meeting with no outstanding ideas for what to do to raise funds. Synergy wa shustling though with Tarek and Andrea getting Pontiac to donate two cars for auction, but Tarek was upset with Sean going off to pick food from catering with Tammy while missing such an important meeting.

Things weren’t smooth at Gold Rush either though with Lee taking a laid back leadership approach. When the Leary Foundation laison checked in, she gave Lee an earful about the lack of communication and ideas. Sean’s team had it’s problems too with Andrea suddenly coughing up blood and having a bloody nose. She left to see a doctor, unsure if she would be able to return.

That’s it for this week, all the real action will happen next week.


The Apprentice is almost over, The Apprentice is almost over! Can you tell I’m thrilled?

The teams were down to Allie and Roxanne on Synergy versuses Lee and Sean on Gold Rush. They were summoned to meet with the Donald, Don Jr. and Ms. Pouty-lips herself, Ivanka. Their task was to create four new uniforms for Embassy Suites main employees:front desk, breakfast cook, suite keeper, and bellman. The judges would be actual Embassy Suites employees.

Lee was up as GR project manager and they went immediately to meet with the Embassy executives to understand what they were looking for. They then went off to meet with actual employees to see what it was they want from the uniforms. They opted it would be best to rework the current uniforms with improvements.

Allie was leadign Synergy and followed the same course of meetings. The big difference for them is that they decided on a total ground-up redeisgn of the uniforms. Allie seemed to have an odd obsession with culottes, which none of the employees they talked to even knew what they were. Not a good sign.

GR quickly met with Edward, their deginer from Lafayette 148. The meeting and designs were quick, and they were off to purchase fabrics. Allie and Roxanne met with their designer, Marc, and Allie insisted on skrts for the front desk female clerks. This didn’t thrill Roxanne as the actual employees had insisted they preferred pants, but she kept her mouth shut for some unknown reason.

When Marc didn’t take things the way Allie wanted him to, she was very vocal with him and Roxanne felt he should be left alone since he was the expert. WHAT?!? A person on this show who thinks the “expert” actually knows best?!? How did she get on this show? Is their screening getting lax?

After the fashion show to show the designs to the employees, GR received 83 votes to Synergy’s 37. If you saw Synergy’s designs, you would have to agree, they were just plain old horrible! As their reward for winning, Lee and Sean got to have dinner with Ivanka and Donald Jr.. I think I would have asked for a different reward. It is supposed to allow them insight in to Donald, but, you know, I can not imagine a worst dinner than sitting with Pouty Lips and Hair Boy Jr..

The boardroom saw the “friends” fall in to the traditional “it’s all her fault!” mentality, and went so far as a a shouting match. Well, the Donald was disappointed with both of them and sent them both packing.


The Apprentice just keeps rolling along, and here we are down to the final five…I can almost taste the ending!

The teams met with Trump in the Donald J. Trump watch showroom….I kid you not. Is there anything this man won’t put his name on? This week the henchmen are Bill Rancic and Ivanka-the-Pouty. The teams are to set up in-store displays in Wal-Marts for the X-Box 360, the winner will be based on judgement by executives by both companies. Sean would be Project Manager for Gold Rush and Tammy for Synergy.

This week someone finally did what I have said has been missing on this show for ages…they outsourced! BUT, they did it incorrectly. Sean opted to hire pros to build his display:one for signage one for floor and roof so he could make a 360 degree display. The signage guy came through, but the floor and roof guy didn’t, causing the display to look like it was falling down. His problem was he didn’t build in penatlies for failur of completion. Any time you are going to work on a time sensitive project you have to build in fauliure-to-deliver penalities. I wish someone had mentioned that, but oh well.

Over at Synergy…they decided to go with a “Red Carpet” type event, but it ended up looking more like a living room and too inviting to just sit down and relax. Their signage was your typical Kinko’s type signage which was way too small and too easily lost in a sign-heavy enviroment such as Wal-Mart. The other problem had was a total lack of respect from Allie and Roxanne. Nothing says you have to respect your boss. Just like any situation, a person has to earn respect, in a team situation, team work is essential. Instead of working with Tammy though, they questioned him and then committed the ultimate faux pas, Allie rolled her eyes about Tammy repeatedly in front of Bill when he came to visit. You know, I don’t care how much you dislike your boss, you NEVER show disrespect in front of their superior. It reflects on you, it refelcts on them and it reflects on the corporation.

I know this isn’t exactly a recap more than it is a commentary. but this episode was one of the best episodes yet for showing differences in business operation. While Gold Rush’s display was unfinished they met the requirements better. It was a full experience, cross-sold accessories and focused on actual products as opposed to making it an event. That is what so many people have forgotten over the years of this show, it is ultimaely about serving the needs of your clients, and the client here was Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is about sales. So even with an unfinihsed display, Gold Rush won it. THeir prize was to fly our to Dreamworks SKGs production facilities and recorded voices for their upcoming movie “Over The Hedge“.

Meanwhile, Synergy headed to the board room and Tammy was fired for having no control over her team, but both Allie and Roxanne also gor verbal dressing-downs for their actions.

Over all it was a great episode for business lessons. Nice to see that happen once in awhile.


So The Apprentice did give us a darn funny moment at the beginning this week. Tammy tried letting Allie and Roxanne know that Sean wasn’t out to get them. Well, Allie wouldn’t have any of it and would not shut up about how Sean had sided against her during their last board room. Sean was trying to sleep, but they would shut up and just kept demanding he apologize…Sean had ear plugs with him, he put them in and just let them keep going. Just too funny and so deserved.

Trump met the teams on the football field of Rutgers University and wanted to even them up. Funny, Sean wasted no time moving over to Gold Rush, making it all men, and leaving Synergy as all women. This weeks task would have the teams setting up Outback Steakhouse tents in different parking lots for tailgating parties. The team to bring in the most money would win the task. Lee stepped as Project Manager for Gold Rush and Roxanne for Synergy.

Gold Rush quickly got an idea to lock the Rutgers cheerleaders in to an eclusive apperance and make an event out of their tailgating party with a money pit, food eating contest and make it a party atmosphere. In the meantime, Synergy went to try the Outback food and then got to planning, putting them far behind in promotion. They lost out on the cheerleaders, missing promoting themselves at the pep rally and not hitting the parties that night. They tried to get some of the cheerleaders, but ended up getting shot down. Michael thought they could be ncie and give them a few, but was quickly shot down by Lee and Sean as being an idiot for evenn considering it.

It really looked like Gold Rush had a huge party going on with tons of people hanging out at their tent. Synergy had a mostly empty tent, but then got the idea to go out and offer to deliver the food to people’s cars free of charge. Business picked up quickly for them, but they still didn’t seem to be as busy as Gold Rush. You did start to notice that Gold Rush’s business wasn’t converting in to sales though, just lots of gawkers at their events. Guess what…it worked. Gold Rush sold $1,750 and Synergy $2,750. Oops.

As Synergy’s prize, they were flown to the Raphael Winery and got to pick grapes, stomp them and make their own wine. Gold Rush got to discuss which of their own they were going to devoud in the board room. Lee and Sean decided Michael was to blame for the loss and ecided to team up on him.

In the end, it really boiled down to just his willingness to even consider giving Synergy cheerleaders that lef to Micahel being fired. Adios loser.


Do my eyes deceive me? Was The Apprentice actually..*gasp* halfway interesting?!? As the episode opened, Synergy returned from the board room, and the firing of Andrea. Allie decided she needed to confront Sean about his siding with Andrea in the meeting. After a lot of screaming, Roxanne ended up crying about the team unity being shattered. You know what? Sean sided with Andrea, get over it, move along!

This weeks task involved the teams each throwing a grand opening event for two new Hair Cuttery locations. Let me just say how much I despise the name of this company. That’s like calling a video renteal store “Video Rental Store”. Did this company wait until the day before they opened to name their company? Yeesh. Anyway, the team to make the most money would win. I actually kind of liked this task because it was about actual business tatics and entrapunership. You could actually learn something from this one besides “Wow, we should have hired a specialist to do this!” Tammy stepped up to lead Synergy and Charmaine for Gold Rush.

Synergy got to work quickly and got their fliers printed up quickly and got out on the streets to start handing them out. Allie and Roxanne took a break for dinner and discussed how they felt Sean had sold his soul by siding with Andrea and that Tammy would want nothing to do with him. Flash over to Sean and Tammy hugging and squeezing their way through the night. When they stopped for dinner they were cozy and ate from each others plates. Yep, she wants nothing to do with him. Uh-huh.

Over at Gold Rush, Charmaine was obsessed with getting all of the products set-up just right on the shelves before anything else could be done. After Lee had spent most of the night setting up his area, she told him he had done it wrong and wanted it done again. Lee’s concern was they should already be out promoting and doing the shelving later, but that didn’t look like it was going to happen at this point.

At the grand openings, they couldn’t have been run more differently. Charmaine sent out Lee and Tarek to put fliers on windshields (something I can personally say does you no good) and they both mocked her as they travelled around. Back at the Gold Rush store, there were hardly any customers, employees milling around and Charmaine getting her hair done. Yes…getting her hair done…during the working hours…I was amazed as anyone. While Synergy was hopping and worked hard at upselling their products to those getting haircuts.

In the end, Synergy earned $1,005.47 and Gold Rush only earned $700. I actually expected a larger difference from how busy the stores were, but it was still a good example of the different styles. Synergy’s reward was to spend an afternoon with Burt Bacharach writing a song. They couldn’t even agree on lyrics. I think Synergy’s days are quickly dwindling.

In the board room, Charmaine was raked over the coals. She claimed there loss was due to a lack of product sales, and not because of her poor leadership. Trump asked why she spent part of the day getting her hair cut and she said it was because she felt she needed the Hair Cuttery experience to better sell it. Let’s all soak that one in shall we? If you had a month to do the task, sure, great idea. One day? You are a moron. The lone, calm voice in this whole thing was Michael, who impressed Trump with his words of why Tarek was hard to lead and should be fired. It was all downhill after that as Tarek and Charmaine went in to all-out attack mode on each other.

When Trump had his fill of the ickering he fired Charmaine, but quickly told everyone to remain sitting and he fired Tarek for being impossible to lead. After everyone was gone, Trump said he figured they would still be bickering in the cab. They weren’t, it was silent as death.

Adios you morons.


Why? Why is The Apprentice tormenting us? I mean, I know I have said that every episode this time, but they are just getting downright more painful with each episode. This weeks task was just…bizarre and the product placement was beyond shoehorned feeling.

Lee came back from the boardroom to discover everyone had prepared for Leslie to return since it was her birthday. Oops! Oh well.

The next morning, the teams met with the Donald, Ivanka (who seems to have perfected the never-ending model pouty lip), Donald Trump, Jr. (already practicing his own bizarre hair style) and an Ameriquest executive to receive their next task. The two teams were to head over to Ellis Island, shoot pictures and create a souvenir program to be sold the next day with all the proceeds going to the Statue of Liberty Fund. The team to make the most money would be the winners.

Don’t get me wrong folks, I think the fund is a very worthy cause, but what does Ameriquest have to do with this? I have no clue. And again, this is a task that makes NO sense in the real business world! If someone came to me and said “Sean, go make a souvenir program!” My first question woul dbe “What’s my budget so I can get on hiring a proffesional team?” I know nothing about creating a program and I would have the brains to hire specialists.

Lee as Project Manager for Gold Rush. He sent Tarek and Michael out to the island to shoot pictures, while he and Charmaine stayed in the loft to work on bulk sales. They didn’t get very far, but it still seemed like a good idea.

Over at Synergy, Allie was up as Project Manager and she took the entire team to the island. Half the team shot the pictures, while the other half took the tour, which seemed like a waste of resources. Andrea also thought it was silly and told Allie that in front of the entire team. Nice tact. When they went to leave the Island, a few members got left behind due to a forgotten notebook. Good job guys. Their other problem was Andrea stepping up as an “expert” in graphic arts. What we later learned was she is an expert at HIRING graphic artists. Her “graphics” for the booklet were less than stellar.

The big problem, and death blow for Synergy, came when Lee had Gold Rush up at 5 AM so they could make sure to get the spots along the line-up to get on the ferrys over to the isalnd. Synergy fought an uphill battle all day as Gold Rush sold stacks of their books and even got some bulk sales from Lee and Charmaine’s phone calls. With one hour left Andrea announced to Allie she was an “expert” in book sales…yeah…I think Andrea is an “expert” as BSing is what I think.

Long story short, Synergy lost, Gold Rush went golfing with VJ Singh and Trump, Andrea was fired without anyone leaving the room *snore*


The Apprentice is such a snore fest, I am surprised there haven’t been reports of the editors throwing themselves from high-rise windows. Armies of zombie Apprentice editors, walking the streets, eating brains, craving the sweet, sweet taste of non-Apprentice tainted brains, which, judging by the ratings for this season, there are many of them out there.

Episode 7 opened with the teams learning they would be working with Ace Hardware on their promitions with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America on their “New Faces for Helpful Places” program. Each team would be renovating a room at a Boys and Girls Club. Lenny took up the Project Manager post for Gold Rush and Michael for Synergy.

Lenny proved to be a horrible leader. He didn’t listen close enough to what Ace Hardware wanted, the rooms to promote team work, he instead went with very seperate music stations that promoted kids doing their own things. He also didn’t seem to ever actually lead the team as much as just watch them do what they needed to do.

Michael had a much better ear for the needs of the assignment, came up with stations in their room that promote the kids working together and worked with his team. His biggest problem was taking forever to finalize their plans and not getting them to the Ace store until mere moments before the shop closed.

Long story, short, adios Lenny. Trump didn’t even bother to send the team out and bring back a few, he just fired them in front of everyone and be done with him. Synergy’s reward was to take a girl on her Make-A-Wish Foundation shopping spree to a Toys R’ Us.

In episode 8, Lee was feeling bad about having lost Lenny. If you are wondering how that friendship came about, join the club. The teams then met with Trump in Central Park and learned Michael would be moving over to Gold Rush as the team was too overpowered now. They went on to find out their task was to promote the new P’EatZZa sanwhich at 7-11. The team with the largest percentage sales increase in sales for their assigned store would be the winner. Andrea was Project Manager for Synergy and Leslie for Gold Rush. I am going to depart a little from norm and really analyze this task, because on the surface it was a silly task, but there was a lot going on here.

Andrea tyranically chose a hat as the promotional item for the Synergy location and Gold Rush chose a cooler. Lee, Michael and Charmaine headed over to their store to scope it out. Lee talked with the manager and two important things happened:#1, he suggested the price point at $6.99 and #2 Lee got him to agree that no other sandwhichs would be on the shelves the next day. This is important because the stripping of choice was a great idea, but the manager gave them an essential piece of information, they had an experianced hand in this area tell them what price point would work, but yet Leslie decided to ignore that info and sell them for $7.99 for 1 and $8.99 for 2. This was something that would come back to haunt her the next day when Lee heard employees mocking the price.

Andrea made one good decesion and one horrible decesion. The good, she got her team out in front of the store the night before hitting the locals with fliers about the sale the next day and asking them to come back the next day and try the new food item. I didn’t think this would work, but it did as many familiar faces from the night before showed up the next day. The bad decesion was the hats. As someone who has spent 20 years in retail, I can tell you a hat never works. It’s the most half-assed promotional item out there. It almost works to the negative, as if to say “Well, we knew we needed a promotional item, but this shows a total lack or originallity and a lack of caring.” It’s like “calling it in” in terms of promotional items. It also cuts out the majority of women as they do not typically care about ball caps. They settled on a price of $4.00.

Back at Gold Rush, Lee was trying to secure a sale of 1,000 sanwhiches, hopefully at the price of $3.00. The buyer came back with a price of $2.00, after consulting Leslie, Lee went back with a price of $2.50, no deal was reached. Leslie was angry Lee had wasted so much time on a failed deal.

Back in the board room, the teams learned their results. Gold Rush increased their store’s sales by 608% and Synergy increased theirs by 997%, making Synergy the winner for the fourth week in a row. Here’s the problem with this task though…math. Let’s say Synergy’s store, on a normal day, sold 1 sandwhich for $1.00, that means Synergy would do far less work to increase the sales volume over Gold Rush, who was at a store that normally did sales of $2.00 a day. Unless the stores were perfectly even, volume is meaningless. This really should have been judged on dollar amount. Anyway, as their reward, Synergy flew down to Washington, D.C. on a private plane to meet with New York Senator Chuck Schumer for lunch. Huzzah.

In the board room, Leslie tried to say she would have pulled the sandwhichs also, Lee was ne genius. She only brought him in to the room with her and she whined about his failed deal. Trump applauded him trying and told her that’s the nature of deals, get used to it. Leslie was fired, good riddance. Just wish she could have taken Andrea with her just for annoynace factor.


Dear Diary –

I wonder what I did in a previous life to have to suffer through the latest version of The Apprentice. Sure I was Viking and I pillaged villages and stole their women, but does that really warrant the pain that is the fifth edition of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice? I don’t think so, I think this rates as cruel and unusual punishment.

What else could explain the pain of suffering through two totally incomptent teams trying to write a jingle for Arby’s new all-natural chicken line of foods? I mean, seriously, this is one of those tasks that just make no sense to me. At what point do you not go to a specialized company for such an important aspect of a promotion? You don’t just hire some idiots off the street to write your jingle!

Anyway, Bryce led Gold Rush and Sean led Synergy. Bryce had a 10:15 appointment with the executives for Abry’s, his team was 25 minutes late to the meeting. You know what? I would have declared them the losers right there. I have never been late to a meeting, I never will be and if you are late to a meeting with me, you’re sunk.

Anyway, Gold Rush lost, it was boring, Bryce was fired for poor leadership and backtalking Trump. He then had the nerve in the cab at the end to say how Trump needs to shut up and listen sometimes. Um…dude…Trump is the boss, you need to shut the hell up.

This is by far the worst season, I am rooting for no one! They all annoy me! And Lee….oh Lee. Look, I am all for observing your religious holidays, but if you knew you would miss two tasks in a contest like this, I don’t think you should have come. In work it is one thing as you have the job, but in this “interview process” you have basically bought yourself two weeks of immunity and you shoudn’t have even come on the show. Trump is correct, it’s fair as long as he is there, but I personally would not have been able to come on the show if I knew I would miss two tasks. I would not have felt it right to skip out two rounds. That’s just me though.

So diary, my conclusion…I think this show is dead.


Yep, it’s that time of…week…again…for *snore* huh? What? Oh yeah, The Apprentice synopsis.

The teams met up with Trump, Bill Rancic and Carolyn aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship to receive their next task. They were to come up with a 30 second commercial to promote the companies new “Fire In Every Room!” cruise…wait…that’s not right. “Intestinal Trouble Spree”? No…”Freestyle Cruising”! That’s it! The catch was the ship was departing in 3 hours and they had to be off the ship by then.

This has to be the single most insane task yet. “Unrealistic” is one word that springs to mind immediately. There is no way a company goes to an ad agency and says “Hey, we need a commercial. Come up with the concept, hire the film crew, hire the actors, stage it and shoot it…and oh yeah, we need this all done in three hours.” In the past this show’s tasks have at least had SOME connection to reality, but this one was so off-the-wall, it was jarring to the senses!

Dan stepped up as Gold Rush project manager and did a horrible job. I liked Lenny’s concept of the cruise ship picking up a castaway, but it wasn’t shot properly and was poorly edited.

Roxanne was PM for Synergy and they went with the concept of showing off how the Freetyle-Intestinal-Trouble-With-A-Fire-In-Your-Room program allowed you to dine at any time you wanted. Roxanne lacked any real leadership skills, but they got the job done anyway, even with Andrea being a total pain-in-the-butt. (Because, as she will tell you, she’s made millions, what do you know?)

Here’s what the offical site said of the decesion:

“The executives felt that both ads were good, but that Synergy’s use of voice-over compared to Gold Rush’s use of text was much more effective. They also thought that Gold Rush’s ad was confusing while Synergy’s was clear. Therefore, the winner was Synergy.”

Synergy won some diamonds from some secret vault place, I don’t know, I was bored senseless at this point. Dan whined a lot in the boardroom, Trump got pissy Lenny wasn’t in the room, Carolyn got on the table and danced…who knows…Dan got fired. This show has crossed over in to the land of silly with just downright awful tasks this season.