dr horrible

If you’ve never seen Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, you have a chance to do so on Tuesday night on The CW. Joss Whedon and his brothers Zack and Jed decided to write something together for fun during the 2008 WGA Strike. They came up with a story told in three acts, to be… read more

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If you have not joined the world of Joss Whedon yet, and you have a Netflix account … rejoice! Netflix today added what boils down to the entire Joss Whedon TV catalog to its Watch Instantly service.  This selection includes: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer seasons 1 – 7 Angel seasons 1 – 5 Firefly season… read more

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Fans of Joss Whedon may want to rush over to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog before Sunday. For those who haven’t heard about this yet, this is a wacky little project Joss came up with of a series of 3 short films to be broadcast on the Internet.  The story follows Dr. Horrible’s (Neil Patrick Harris)… read more

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