I swear this is becoming like an annual post. Last year on March 19th I wrote about Why I Left DreamHost, and here we are a year later discussing why I left BlueHost.  Unlike the DreamHost debacle where I was angry enough to spit fire, the BlueHost split has been a bit more amicable.  There… read more

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If you’re considering using DreamHost as your web host… don’t. Back in August of 2007, I wrote a post singing the praises of DreamHost, and how for the first time I ever I had actually stayed with a web host through an entire contract.  I was really happy with them, and I was acutally renewing… read more

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August 1 2007


For the first time ever, I have actually renewed my contract with a webhost as opposed to looking for greener pastures the second it ended! My contract with DreamHost isn’t actually up until November, but I had the extra funds this week to renew for two years, getting me the best price, so I did… read more

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There is a new piece of software out I am dying for called Bandwagon. So far it’s only for Macs, but what it does is for $24 a year, it backs up your iTunes library to an off-site server of your choice, such as Dreamhost. Mind you, if you are a current Mac user, and… read more

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