I mentioned back on July 26th that Yahoo Music is shutting down, and due to their Digital Rights Management (DRM) their music files would be rendered unplayable when this happened.  Well Yahoo has come up with a solution… kinda. Yahoo Music will be issuing coupons to their customers so they can buy their musical tracks… read more

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Yahoo Music is shutting down, and with them go their Digital Rights Management (DRM) servers. What this translates to is that after October 1st you won’t be able to authorize new computers to play your tracks on, meaning your songs you bought would be living with an expiration date hanging over your head.  This news… read more

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In 2000, Metallica founder Lars Ulrich was one of the biggest names and faces associated with fighting the file-sharing site Napster.  I can vividly remember Lars wheeling a cart load of documents (for obvious photographic effect) up to the doors of Napster, proving who had shared his band’s music through the music site.  He then… read more

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Amazon has finally launched their MP3 store (as a beta…) and it is DRM-Free as promised! Meaning their files can be played on any MP3 player, and by either iTunes or Windows Media Player. Not only that, but is is also encoded at 256kbs, as opposed to iTunes 192kbs, providing for a higher quality file.… read more

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Apple has released a new version of iTunes today. iTunes Plus is the DRM free, higher bit rate music from EMI. Other publishers will be joining in sometime in the future. This is a HUGE win for the end user. You can now use the files with the music player program of YOUR choice, the… read more

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It seems that starting next month, EMI won’t be the only company providing DRM free music via iTunes. Apple is contacting all their partners that they can join in on the DRM free fun in May. Numerous small publishers know this is the future of music, DRM free, and higher quality bitrates. I, for one,… read more

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Gizmo News is reporting on comments made by Brad Smith, senior vice president and general counsel of Microsoft, said about Apple’s recent comments about DRM. They are mind-numbingly bitter it would seem over Apple swinging the DRM deal with EMI records. I’m not a big believer in just blaming the music industry for Apple’s inability… read more

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EMI RECORDS AND APPLE JOIN FORCES FOR DRM FREE MUSIC! Take that RIAA! Songs will still be $.99 for 128 kbps, and with DRM. DRM free will be $1.29 and be 256 kbps. If you have already purchased EMI released songs, you can upgrade them for $.30 per song. This is a great day for… read more

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(Yes, this entry is backdated… I wrote it on the 15th in Word, but my cable modem was down, so I had no way to post it!) I have talked about my love of Flogging Molly before. I was thrilled to hear the was new live EP coming out this week, with two unreleased songs… read more

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