Scattercast is 41… and has a weird creepy clicking noise in the middle – Swine flu is all the rage… and it’s silly – A little bit about me joining a gym. – is live, and we even have a podcast we will record each week on TalkShoe. – What idiot flew Air Force… read more

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Okay, is it just me, or does the reasoning in the Ebay auction for Fergie’s (the girl from The Black Eyed Peas) H2 Hummer seem screwed up to anyone else? After performing at Live Earth and realizing everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment, Fergie decided to sell her HUMMER and donate… read more

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I was greeted by this lovely image today when logging in to Ebay. This has to be one of the most shameless/tasteless things I think I have ever seen. For those of you unaware of it, Mr. Murphy is Matt Murphy, the man who caught Barry Bonds’ record breaking 756th homerun ball on August 7th.… read more

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I’ve mentioned in the past that I used to be a magazine writer, but I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned most of the articles were about toys and action figures. I’m considered an expert on boy’s toys lines from the 1980’s and early 1990’s, and I know more about toys than most people really should.… read more

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May 7 2007

ebay morons

You all have to see this one. This is a PERFECT example of the crap I go through with eBay morons (quotes are him, non-quotes are me) Item Not Received: ITEM INFO REMOVED Payment Method: US Postal Service Money Order Payment Date: Apr-09-2007 We have not received your money order. yes, you have!! about 3… read more

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January 8 2007

I hate Mondays

I swear, Monday’s at work are just…a disaster. I know, I know, everyone hates Monday’s, but…just once I would like people to remember UPS doesn’t run on the weekends! Every Monday I can count on a slew of phone calls Customer “Where’s my box?” Me “It shipped last week on such and such day, let… read more

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