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Get ready for yet another remake. It seems that Eddie Murphy is set to star in a remake of the Walther Matthau and Jack Lemmon 1993 comedy Grumpy Old Men. The premise of the new film would be exactly the same as the original with two feuding neighbors escalating their war when a new female… read more


From the “Do we really need this movie?” file, Beverly Hills Cop 4 now has a release date. Yes folks, someone at Paramount has decided that a fourth installment in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise is just what this world needs. Never mind the fact the third one was horrifically bad, and Eddie Murphy is… read more


Are you ready for Triplets? Word is that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito may be teaming up for a sequel to the 1988 comedy, Twins.  The catch?  The plot may revolve around there being a third sibling they didn’t know about.  Who would play this character?  Why Eddie Murphy of course! … if I hand you… read more

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It seems if you put men in armor and make a movie all shiny, people will rush out to see it. The same folks who produced 300 came back with another period film, Immortals, and it did okay, but not exactly the best.  After a $15 million Friday, the domestic gross came in at $32… read more

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It took only about 24 hours for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to name a new host for the 84th Annual Academy Awards, and it’s the one they probably should have gone with in the first place. Eddie Murphy stepped down yesterday amid controversy with Brett Ratner who was set to produce this year’s show,… read more

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Apparently the 84th Annual Academy Awards is on the hunt for a new host as Eddie Murphy has dropped out after Brett Ratner had to step down as producer. After a week of saying insanely stupid things, director Brett Ratner has been removed, or stepped down, from his role as the producer of the next Academy Awards.… read more

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Apparently people who missed going to the theaters last weekend due to the weather made up for it this weekend by keeping last week’s top contender rolling in the catnip. Falling a mere 3.1% from last weekend, Puss in Boots brought in another $33 million. This is probably a little bit of an oddity due to… read more

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Apparently the 84th Annual Academy Awards will be telecast from the 1980’s judging by the highly odd choice of Eddie Murphy to be the host. It was announced today that former comedic icon Eddie Murphy will be hosting the 84th Annual Academy Awards next February.  While it is safe to say that the choice of… read more

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Boy has the learning curve on this been steep, but here is the first episode of my podcast, “Scattercast”. Many, many thanks to Mark Hopkins for cutting the learning curve for me considerably, and thanks to my friend Renee for coming up with the name. For those who want to why the name “Scattercast”, it… read more

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