Edgar Wright

With the removal of Danny Boyle from Bond 25, the producers are scrambling to find a replacement. There is reportedly already a shortlist, and there are some interesting conclusions. I never thought Edgar Wright (Baby Driver, Hot Fuzz) would ever be considered for a Bond film, but apparently, he is on the list. Also on… read more


Marvel has announced that Edgar Wright has departed production on the upcoming first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3, Ant-Man. Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim) has departed from Ant-Man after having worked to see it come to fruition for eight years. A very short statement was issued regarding… read more

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The Marvel film panel on Saturday at the San Diego Comic-Con provided a lot of updates on the next projects for the burgeoning film studio. First up, the official Iron Man 3 logo made its debut and … it says “Iron Man” and “3” … I know you’re all shocked.  (You can click on any… read more

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