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With the news that Dollhouse has been cancelled, show creator Joss Whedon is examining his options, and at least one of those includes binge drinking. In a comment on the Joss Whedon fansite Whedonesque, Mr. Whedon came to share the news of the show’s cancellation, but discovered he had been beaten to the punch. Hmm.… read more

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It seems that it is time to put the Dolls away for good. After numerous rumors that Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse was going to meet its demise, it’s looking it is now official. According to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, Fox has informed Joss Whedon that it will burn off the remaining episodes of the current… read more

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It seems that the cancellation of Dollhouse is drawing closer and closer. While it is not a certainity yet, and there is still a glimmer of hope that we’ll see a second season, that glimmer seems to be fading pretty darn fast at this point.  Series creator Joss Whedon has made two public appearances this… read more

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Rumors of problems with Dollhouse have been all over the Internet today, but what is and isn’t true? Hold on to your hats every one, there has been a ton of confusion about what is going on with Dollhouse, and if it has already been canceled or not.  It all stems from the unaired pilot,… read more

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The ratings for Dollhouse continue to plummet, but series creator Joss Whedon promises the show improves with episode 6. The ratings for the fourth episode of the new Joss Whedon series, Dollhouse, have hit the Internet, and it just gets worse with each passing week.  An anemic 3.5 million tuned in to the show, while… read more

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Dollhouse ratings are dropping, but thank goodness for DVRs. While I tried to warn you all in advance that this show would need ratings help, and I know that actually got some unexpected viewers, it still isn’t doing well.  From the first week, which wasn’t the best ratings, the show lost 15% of its viewers… read more

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Dollhouse, the new sci-fi series from Joss Whedeon, premieres on Friday, February 13th, on Fox at 9 EST/8 CST. Please watch… I’m begging you. The series centers around Echo (played by Eliza Dushku) who is an “active’ inside the Dollhouse. Actives are people that have had their memories wiped so that they are a blank… read more

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