Fantastic Four 2

Perhaps time does heal all wounds because the cast of Fantastic Four is starting to say they would return for a sequel. After all the drama surrounding Josh Trank and the way his Fantastic Four film flopped, no one, not even the studio, is calling for a sequel. Despite this, the cast is finally starting… read more

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In a completely unsurprising move, Fox has removed the sequel to this year’s mega-flop Fantastic Four from its release schedule. Earlier this week Fox released an updated film release schedule for the next few years, and the announced Fantastic Four 2 that had previously occupied June 9, 2017 was nowhere to be found. Considering this… read more


When you don’t succeed, try again? Despite it being a horrible idea? Despite a horrible opening weekend for Fantastic Four, it appears that Fox is going to move forward with the sequel. A second film in the rebooted franchise was actually announced as far back as March 2014. The release date was even set for… read more


20th Century Fox is getting serious about being in the Marvel movie business as it has announced the release dates for three upcoming films. It seems that 20th Century Fox wants to put its few Marvel film licenses to good work. In the 1990s, when Marvel was in desperate need of money, it sold the… read more

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