Fantastic Four

Could Fox be planning to make its own mini-Marvel Cinematic Universe? The rumors seem sure to be pointing that way. According to a report from The Motley Fool, the studios that have Marvel properties to their name – Spider-Man at Sony, and the Fantastic Four & X-Men at Fox – both really want to ride… read more

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It looks like a second Marvel cinematic universe may be on its way to getting a start if Fox has its way. As we all know, it’s a thorn in the side of Marvel that Fox controls the theatrical rights to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. But if you really want to put the… read more


2015 is setting itself up to be potentially the craziest year ever in films. As movie studios move more and more towards building franchises, we’re growing a more crowded marketplace for films. It appears that 2015 may be a taste of what is to come as new franchises attempt to launch alongside other already established… read more

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There is one thing to being tone deaf to your audience, and there is another being just completely stupid. Collider went with the latter on Thursday. Making a living on the Internet, I read a tremendous amount of blogs in a day. As one would be safe to surmise from my blog, I look at a lot of pop… read more


Yet another film version of the Fantastic Four is due to arrive on March 6, 2015. Prepare for suckage. 20th Century Fox is holding on the film rights to the Fantastic Four as hard as they can to keep them from reverting to Disney. Under that deal a film has to go into production every… read more

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To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Fantastic Four films are getting a reboot. After two films that met poor reviews, the Fantastic Four are set to get a new movie with a new cast.  Obviously a third entry in the last series wasn’t going to happen as neither of them did well, but 20th… read more

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Spider-Man, famous for being a loner, will be joining with the Fantastic Four next month when they are renamed as “Future Foundation”. For those who haven’t heard, Johnny Storm, also known as The Human Torch, has been killed off in The Fantastic Four comic series.  With the team in disarray, and looking to change its… read more

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If you’ve seen the first Ghost Rider movie from 2007 starring Nicholas Cage, you probably never thought we’d be … um … “lucky”? … enough to see a sequel. Well, here it comes! Yes, it’s true, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has begun filming in Bucharest, Romania for a Feb. 17, 2012 release, five years… read more

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Normally I would have been all over the casting news of Spider-Man, but then I realized something … I don’t care. Relative newcomer Andrew Garfield was announced as the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man this week for the upcoming Spider-Man movie, and while normally I would have been discussing my thoughts on the casting, I just couldn’t… read more

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One of the hottest roles in Hollywood as of late has been that of Captain America in the upcoming movie of the same name. He’s finally been cast, and the choice is … well, perhaps not wise. Chris Evans, best known for playing Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the two horrifically bad Fantastic Four movies released… read more

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