Fast & Furious 6

What were the 10 films to bring in the most money in the U.S. in 2013? Lets find out. After celebrating failure yesterday with the biggest box office flops of 2013, it’s time to also celebrate some success. While the international markets have become far more important as of late, some films can still make… read more

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Could DC Comics finally be on its way to being the next Marvel when it comes to super-hero movies? Man of Steel soared to the top spot at the box office this weekend with $113 million. In addition to its Thursday take this brings it to $125 million domestic so far off of a $225… read more

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Once again the top film at the box office proves that you don’t always need a huge budget to succeed. With a budget of just $3 million, The Purge took in a surprising $36.37 million in its opening weekend. The reviews haven’t been the best so it should be interesting to see how this holds… read more

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It seems Will Smith learned some harsh lessons this weekend: Don’t constantly work with your son, and stay away from M. Night Shyamalan. Fast & Furious 6 held on to first place in its second weekend despite a 64.5 percent drop from its opening weekend and came in with $34.5 million. It’s tracking ahead of Fast… read more

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On an overly crowded holiday weekend, some very fast cars were able to weave their way to the top of the box office. With two franchises launching new installments this weekend, it was anyone’s guess as to which would come out on top, by Fast & Furious 6 show to number one easily for the… read more

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Just because you take the top spot at the box office doesn’t mean everyone will be celebrating. Star Trek Into Darkness took the top spot at the box office this weekend with $70.5 million, and a four day cume of $84 million, well under the projected $100 million. The film is doing well overseas, up… read more

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If you didn’t get enough of Fast & Furious 6 in the Super Bowl commercial, feast your eyes on this full trailer. Before the Fast & Furious 6 Super Bowl commercial hit, nothing had been seen of this follow-up to the insanely successful Fast Five. It certainly doesn’t look like this movie is going to… read more


After the massive success of Fast Five, folks are anxious for Fast & Furious 6, and the Super Bowl finally provided the first look at the new film. As much as I hate to admit it, I caught Fast Five on cable, and while I had never watched any of the other films in the… read more

Welcome to the second quarter of 2013 and time to take a look at the beginning of the summer film season! I decided to attempt something new this year where I would make some comments about every major release for the year before they released. I have compiled the list and broken it down by… read more

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