Fate of the Furious

They aren’t quite as furious as they once were, but they’re still making money. Fate of the Furious dropped 60.8 percent in its second weekend to take in $38.68M for a new domestic total of $163.57M. It’s definitely not living up to the past couple films in the U.S., but never fear, it is has… read more

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Dom and the crew did well, but lets not get too excited just yet. A lot is being made that Fate of the Furious taking in $532M globally this weekend, but only $100M of that came from the U.S. For comparison, Furious 7 took in $147M in its opening weekend. It’s not horrible by any… read more

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The box office is killing time as it awaits Fate of the Furious. The Boss Baby commanded a second win at the box office taking the top spot with $26.3M, a 47.6 percent drop in its second weekend. Combined with the foreign haul it now sits at $156.98M globally off of  a $125M budget. Beauty and… read more

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A new Fate of the Furious trailer is upon us. Is it absurd? YEP! I know there are times where I can get all precious about films and how they need to make sense and so on, but for some reason I have thrown in the towel on the Fast & the Furious season and… read more


In an announcement that will come as no surprise to most people, Furious 8 will take place in New York City. Various images have been showing up for some time suggesting the eighth Fast & Furious movie would take place in New York City, but during an appearance on The Tonight Show this week, series… read more


Buckle up everyone, the Fast & Furious series is coming back for an eighth ride. During its CinemaCon presentation on Thursday, Universal announced that Furious 8 would hit theaters on April 14, 2017. This is the first official announcement of the film, although it was a pretty safe bet considering how Furious 7 has performed.… read more


Paul Walker, one of the main stars of the Fast and the Furious franchise passed away on Saturday while riding in a friend’s car. The tragedy is horrific for his friends and family, and there is no denying that. However, there is also a multi-billion dollar film franchise that is now in serious trouble. Let… read more

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I don’t know if I’m more surprised by the return of Lucas Black to the Fast & Furious franchise, or the fact his contract calls for three more of these films. Lucas Black has only appeared in one Fast & Furious film, the third installment entitled Tokyo Drift. This was actually the least successful entry… read more

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