The Simpsons renewal on Wednesday wasn’t a huge surprise, but how is this even going to work? With a renewal for seasons 31 and 32, The Simpsons will set more records, will hit 713 episodes and so on. But will it still air on Fox channels? With Disney acquiring Fox, it couldn’t acquire the TV… read more


Gotham is one of those shows that you know isn’t good for you, but yet you still find yourself watching every episode of it. Because, lets face it, it’s serialized fan fiction based on Batman. I’m fine with people trying their own spins on characters, but just don’t try to fool yourself that you aren’t… read more



September 8 2018

Fall TV Premiere Dates 2018

The Fall TV premiere dates are here, and the week of Sept. 24 is going to see you working your DVR to the point it breaks. I have to say, as I was prepping this list I came to a very sudden realization… I am so totally over linear, serialized television. That is not to… read more

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The Last Man on Earth ended its fourth season on a cliffhanger, and then it was sadly canceled. What happened next? Series star Will Forte has luckily revealed the ending. When we last saw Tandy (Forte) and the crew, they seemed to be in a good place, and looking to establish a home in their… read more


In the ongoing fight to save canceled shows, Netflix has stepped in at the last possible moment to save the canceled series Lucifer. How last minute? As of Friday night, the actors would have been released from their contracts. Lucifer was canceled in May by Fox, but the executives at Warner Brothers immediately tried finding it… read more

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While not as harsh as previous years, this was still not a good year for cancellations on the TV networks. With the cancellations over, and the upfronts completed showing off the new series, it’s time to look over what happened at the networks this season. Networks ABC – 13 CBS – 7 Fox – 6… read more

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The dust has settled from all of the 2018 upfronts, so now it’s time to see how your week of television watching will shape up come this fall. Be sure to check out all of the upfront breakdowns for descriptions of the new shows. ABC CBS FOX NBC The CW There’s a lot happening on… read more

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Fox has announced its 2018/2019 schedule, and there are a few scheduling changes and a peppering of new shows. New shows are in all caps, and all times are Eastern. Monday 8 PM THE RESIDENT 9 PM 9-1-1 Tuesday 8 PM The Gifted 9 PM Lethal Weapon Wednesday 8 PM Empire 9 PM Star Thursday… read more

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Next week is the upfront presentations for all of the broadcast networks and that means it’s time for cancellations. Fox went to work on Thursday with some key cancellations. On Thursday Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Last Man on Earth, and The Mick. No word yet on the network’s dramas, but those are sure to… read more

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As we head into the time for the network upfront presentations, it’s time to start wondering what is going to be renewed and what’s canceled for the 2017/2018 television season. While not all decisions are final, we already know a good chunk of which ones have been renewed. It was a turbulent season to be… read more

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Fox isn’t afraid of revivals, and it seems that Buffy, the Vampire Slayer is at least on its list of possibilities. With shows like Prison Break and The X-Files already being brought back by Fox, talk has turned to what could be next. Speaking at the INTV Conference, Fox group chai Gary Newman shared some… read more

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It was not a good day in the Fox X-Men film universe. Thursday was a weird day for Fox. But let us begin with the good news. Deadpool 2 moved its release up by two weeks to May 18 meaning it now opens a week before Solo: A Star Wars Story. From here on out,… read more

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