The X-Files

The truth is still out there somewhere, and the X-Files plans to find it.

After months of rumors and “maybe” comments, Fox on Tuesday officially announced that The X-Files will be returning to the network albeit just for six episodes. And, yes, along with those episodes will comes David Duchovny (Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Scully) as well as series creator Chris Carter.

Although the series definitely became uneven towards the end, and the general dislike for the second film, something about this timing feels right. Enough time has passed since we last saw these characters and a brief check in with them will be welcome for sure.

The big question now is if these six episodes will deal with the overarching alien conspiracy from the original run (that I honestly don’t think anyone ever fully understood), or if this will be something entirely new. It could also just be six “monster of the week” stories, which would be totally fine with me.

No word as of yet as to when the episodes will air, but my guess would be some time next winter or spring.

The truth is out there folks… again.


Gotham cast

As we head into the time for the network upfront presentations, it’s time to start wondering what is going to be renewed and what’s canceled for the 2015/2016 television season. While not all decisions are final, we already know a good chunk of which ones have been renewed. It was a turbulent season to be sure, and more than likely a few more will be heading to the cancelation pile. Just a brief description here:

  • Renewed for 2015/2016 Season – Means just that, it’s already locked.
  • Likely to be Renewed for 2015/2016 Season – Not official yet, but looking good.
  • On the Bubble for 2015/2016 Season – Could go either way.
  • Canceled for 2015/2016 Season – Confirmed to not be coming back.
  • Ending for 2015/2016 Season – Shows that had a planned ending.

I will be updating this list as changes are announced by the networks, so be sure to bookmark it if you don’t see a decision as of yet on a show you care about.  The network upfronts where the final decisions are announced will be held the week of May 14. I have added a table to the bottom so you can see all of the info int he format you prefer.

Renewed for 2015/2016 Season

Arrow Season 3

  • 2 Broke Girls (CBS)
  • The 100 (The CW)
  • America’s Next Top Model (The CW)
  • Arrow (The CW)
  • Beauty and the Beast (The CW)
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  • Big Brother (CBS)
  • The Blacklist (NBC)
  • Bob’s Burgers (Fox)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
  • Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)
  • Chicago Fire (NBC)
  • Chicago P.D. (NBC)
  • Empire (Fox)
  • Extant (CBS)
  • Family Guy (Fox)
  • The Flash (The CW)
  • Gotham (Fox)
  • Grimm (NBC)
  • Hannibal (NBC)
  • Hollywood Game Night (NBC)
  • iZombie (The CW)
  • Jane the Virgin (The CW)
  • The Last Man on Earth (Fox)
  • Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
  • Madam Secretary (CBS)
  • MasterChef Junior (Fox)
  • Masters of Illusion (The CW)
  • Mike & Molly (CBS)
  • Mom (CBS)
  • NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)
  • New Girl (Fox)
  • The Originals (The CW)
  • Penn & Teller: Fool Us (The CW)
  • Reign (The CW)
  • Scorpion (CBS)
  • The Simpsons (Fox)
  • Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
  • So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)
  • Supernatural (The CW)
  • Undateable (NBC)
  • Under the Dome (CBS)
  • The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
  • Whose Line is it Anyway? (The CW)

Likely to be Renewed for 2015/2016 Season

Modern Family

  • The Amazing Race (CBS)
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC)
  • American Idol (Fox)
  • The Bachelor (ABC)
  • The Biggest Loser (NBC)
  • Black-ish (ABC)
  • Blue Bloods (CBS)
  • Bones (Fox)
  • Castle (ABC)
  • Criminal Minds (CBS)
  • Cristela (ABC)
  • Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)
  • The Goldbergs (ABC)
  • The Good Wife (CBS)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
  • Hell’s Kitchen (Fox)
  • How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)
  • MasterChef (Fox)
  • The Middle (ABC)
  • Modern Family (ABC)
  • NCIS (CBS)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
  • New Girl (Fox) – RENEWED
  • Once Upon a Time (ABC)
  • Person of Interest (CBS)
  • Scandal (ABC)
  • Shark Tank (ABC)
  • Survivor (CBS)
  • Undercover Boss (CBS)
  • The Voice (NBC)

On the Bubble for 2015/2016 Season


  • About a Boy (NBC)
  • A.D. (NBC)
  • Agent Carter (ABC)
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)
  • Aquarius (NBC)
  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Fox)
  • Backstrom (Fox)
  • Battle Creek (CBS)
  • Bordertown (Fox)
  • Constantine (NBC)
  • CSI (CBS)
  • CSI: Cyber (CBS)
  • Elementary (CBS)
  • The Following (Fox)
  • Forever (ABC)
  • Galavant (ABC)
  • Hart of Dixie (The CW)
  • Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)
  • iZombie (The CW) RENEWED
  • The Last Man on Earth (Fox) RENEWED
  • Last Man Standing (ABC)
  • Marry Me (NBC)
  • The Messengers (The CW)
  • The Mindy Project (Fox)
  • Mulaney (Fox)
  • The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)
  • Nashville (ABC)
  • The Night Shift (NBC)
  • The Odd Couple (CBS)
  • Odyssey (NBC)
  • One Big Happy (NBC)
  • Resurrection (ABC)
  • Revenge (ABC) CANCELLED
  • Stalker (CBS)
  • State of Affairs (NBC)
  • Wayward Pines (Fox)
  • Weird Loners (Fox)

Canceled for 2015/2016 Season

A to Z - Season Pilot

  • A to Z (NBC)
  • Allegiance (NBC)
  • Bad Judge (NBC)
  • Gang Related (Fox)
  • Manhattan Love Story (ABC)
  • The McCarthys (CBS)
  • Members Only (ABC)
  • The Millers (CBS)
  • Reckless (CBS)
  • Red Band Society (Fox)
  • Revenge (ABC)
  • Selfie (ABC)
  • Unforgettable (CBS, moving to A&E for Season 4)
  • Utopia (Fox)
  • The X Factor (Fox)

Ending for 2015/2016 Season


  • Glee (Fox)
  • Kitchen Nightmares (Fox)
  • The Mentalist (CBS)
  • Parenthood (NBC)
  • Parks & Recreation (NBC)
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS)
ShowNetworkStatusLast Updated
2 Broke GirlsCBSRenewed3/22/15
The 100The CWRenewed3/22/15
ArrowThe CWRenewed3/22/15
America's Next Top ModelThe CWRenewed3/22/15
Beauty and the BeastThe CWRenewed3/22/15
The Big Bang TheoryCBSRenewed3/22/15
Big BrotherCBSRenewed3/22/15
The BlacklistNBCRenewed3/22/15
Bob’s BurgersFoxRenewed3/22/15
Brooklyn Nine-NineFoxRenewed3/22/15
Celebrity ApprenticeNBCRenewed3/22/15
Chicago FireNBCRenewed3/22/15
Chicago P.D.NBCRenewed3/22/15
Family GuyFoxRenewed3/22/15
The FlashThe CWRenewed3/22/15
Hollywood Game NightNBCRenewed3/22/15
iZombieThe CWRenewed5/6/15
Jane the VirginThe CWRenewed3/22/15
The Last Man on EarthFoxRenewed4/8/15
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitNBCRenewed3/22/15
Madam SecretaryCBSRenewed3/22/15
Masters of IllusionThe CWRenewed3/22/15
MasterChef JuniorFoxRenewed3/22/15
Mike & MollyCBSRenewed3/22/15
NCIS: New OrleansCBSRenewed3/22/15
New GirlFoxRenewed3/31/15
The OriginalsThe CWRenewed3/22/15
Penn & Teller: Fool UsThe CWRenewed3/22/15
ReignThe CWRenewed3/22/15
The SimpsonsFoxRenewed3/22/15
Sleepy HollowFoxRenewed3/22/15
So You Think You Can DanceFoxRenewed3/22/15
SupernaturalThe CWRenewed3/22/15
Under the DomeCBSRenewed3/22/15
The Vampire DiariesThe CWRenewed3/22/15
Whose Line Is It Anyway?The CWRenewed3/22/15
The Amazing RaceCBSLikely to be renewed3/22/15
America’s Funniest Home VideosABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
American IdolFoxLikely to be renewed3/22/15
The BachelorABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
The Biggest LoserNBCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Black-ishABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
BonesFoxLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Blue BloodsCBSLikely to be renewed3/22/15
CastleABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Criminal MindsCBSLikely to be renewed3/22/15
CristelaABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Fresh Off the BoatABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
The GoldbergsABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
The Good WifeCBSLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Grey's AnatomyABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Hell's KitchenFoxLikely to be renewed3/22/15
How to Get Away With MurderABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
MasterChefFoxLikely to be renewed3/22/15
The MiddleABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Modern FamilyABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
NCISCBSLikely to be renewed3/22/15
NCIS: Los AngelesCBSLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Once Upon a TimeABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Person of InterestCBSLikely to be renewed3/22/15
ScandalABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Shark TankABCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
SurvivorCBSLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Undercover BossCBSLikely to be renewed3/22/15
The VoiceNBCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
About a BoyNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
A.D.NBCOn the bubble3/22/15
Agent CarterABCOn the bubble3/22/15
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ABCOn the bubble3/22/15
AquariusNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?FoxOn the bubble3/22/15
BackstromFoxOn the bubble3/22/15
Battle CreekCBSOn the bubble3/22/15
BordertownFoxOn the bubble3/22/15
ConstantineNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
CSICBSOn the bubble3/22/15
CSI: CyberCBSOn the bubble3/22/15
ElementaryCBSOn the bubble3/22/15
The FollowingFoxOn the bubble3/22/15
ForeverABCOn the bubble3/22/15
GalavantABCOn the bubble3/22/15
Hart of DixieThe CWOn the bubble3/22/15
Hawaii Five-0CBSOn the bubble3/22/15
The Last Man on EarthFoxOn the bubble3/22/15
Marry MeNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
The MessengersThe CWOn the bubble3/22/15
The Mindy ProjectFoxOn the bubble3/22/15
MulaneyFoxOn the bubble3/22/15
The Mysteries of LauraNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
NashvilleABCOn the bubble3/22/15
The Night ShiftNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
The Odd CoupleCBSOn the bubble3/22/15
OdysseyNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
One Big HappyNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
ResurrectionABCOn the bubble3/22/15
StalkerCBSOn the bubble3/22/15
State of AffairsNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
Wayward PinesFoxOn the bubble3/22/15
Weird LonersFoxOn the bubble3/22/15
A to ZNBCCancelled3/22/15
Bad JudgeNBCCancelled3/22/15
Gang RelatedFoxCancelled3/22/15
Manhattan Love StoryABCCancelled3/22/15
The McCarthysCBSCancelled3/22/15
Members OnlyABCCancelled3/22/15
The MillersCBSCancelled3/22/15
Red Band SocietyFoxCancelled3/22/15
UnforgettableCBS (Moving to A&E)Cancelled3/22/15
The X FactorFoxCacelled3/22/15
Kitchen NightmaresFoxEnded3/22/15
The MentalistCBSEnded3/22/15
Parks & RecreationNBCEnded3/22/15
Two and a Half MenCBSEnded3/22/15

Gotham Logo - trimmed

The networks aren’t messing around this year and are getting some renewals in early for the 2015 fall television season.

Speaking at the TCAs on Saturday, Fox announced that it has already renewed three series for next season. Those include:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 3)
  • Empire (Season 2)
  • Gotham (Season 2)

CBS and The CW also used the TCA events to announce some renewals. I’m not sure why the networks are renewing so early this year, but I’ll take it as three of my shows have already made the cut. (Arrow, The Flash and Gotham)

That being said, if your favorite show hasn’t been renewed yet, do not fret. These renewals are pretty early, and the majority of them happen in April and May. So I wouldn’t be overly concerned or considering a letter writing campaign quite yet.


The Blacklist

One of the most infuriating things when you’re a fan of TV is figuring out when your favorite show is coming back from the mid-season break. Luckily almost all of them have been announced.

All of the networks have announced the return dates for the majority of the shows following the wasteland that is known as the period between Thanksgiving and New Years. Some of them are wasting no time with shows returning as early as Jan. 2.

This is something I wish the networks would clean up for sure. When the season starts you at least have a pretty good idea when they will start, but with the mid-season I always feel like I need to consult an astrological chart and whip out an abacus to figure it out.

New shows are in all caps.

Friday, January 2

  • Undercover Boss – CBS
  • Hawaii Five-O – CBS
  • Blue Bloods – CBS

Sunday, January 4

  • Madam Secretary – CBS
  • The Simpsons – Fox
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Fox
  • Downton Abbey – PBS
  • The Good Wife – CBS
  • Family Guy – Fox
  • CSI – CBS

Monday, January 5

  • Bachelor – ABC
  • 2 Broke Girls – CBS
  • Gotham – Fox
  • Mike & Molly – CBS
  • Sleepy Hollow – Fox
  • Scorpion – CBS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles – CBS

Tuesday, January 6

  • Pretty Little Liars – ABC Family
  • NCIS – CBS
  • New Girl – Fox
  • Mindy Project – Fox
  • NCIS: New Orleans – CBS
  • Marry Me – NBC
  • About A Boy – NBC
  • Switched at Birth – ABC Family
  • Chicago Fire – NBC
  • Person of Interest – CBS
  • Forever – ABC

Wednesday, January 7

  • American Idol – Fox
  • The Mentalist – CBS
  • The Mysteries of Laura – NBC
  • EMPIRE – Fox
  • Law and Order: SVU – NBC
  • Chicago PD – NBC

Thursday, January 8

  • The Big Bang Theory – CBS
  • Mom – CBS
  • Two and a Half Men – CBS
  • The McCarthys – CBS
  • Elementary – CBS
  • Archer – FX
  • Parenthood – NBC

Friday, January 9

  • Glee – Fox (2-hour premiere)
  • Banshee – Cinemax

Sunday, January 11

  • Girls – HBO
  • Shameless – Showtime
  • Looking – HBO
  • House of Lies – Showtime
  • Episodes – Showtime

Monday, January 12

  • Castle – ABC

Tuesday, January 13

  • Parks and Recreation – NBC
  • YOUNGER – TV Land

Wednesday, January 14

  • Melissa & Joey – ABC Family
  • Baby Daddy – ABC Family
  • Criminal Minds – CBS
  • Stalker – CBS
  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – FXX

Friday, January 16

  • Constantine – NBC
  • Grimm – NBC
  • 12 MONKEYS – Syfy
  • Helix – Syfy

Monday, January 19

  • The Fosters – ABC Family
  • The Originals – The CW
  • Jane The Virgin – The CW
  • Chasing Life – ABC Family

Tuesday, January 20

  • The Flash – The CW
  • Supernatural – The CW
  • Justified – FX

Wednesday, January 21

  • Arrow – The CW
  • The 100 – The CW
  • American Horror Story: Freak Show – FX

Thursday, January 22

  • The Vampire Diaries – The CW
  • Reign – The CW

Saturday, January 24

  • Black Sails – Starz

Tuesday, January 27


Wednesday, January 28

  • The Americans – FX
  • Suits – USA

Thursday, January 29

  • Scandal – ABC
  • How To Get Away With Murder – ABC
  • Grey’s Anatomy – ABC

Sunday, February 1

  • The Blacklist (post-Super Bowl premiere) – NBC

Wednesday, February 4

  • Nashville – ABC

Thursday, February 5

  • The Blacklist – NBC

Sunday, February 8

  • The Walking Dead – AMC
  • BETTER CALL SAUL (2-night premiere) – AMC

Monday, February 9

  • BETTER CALL SAUL (2-night premiere) – AMC

Thursday, February 12


Thursday, February 19

  • Vikings – History

Monday, February 23

  • The Voice – NBC

Wednesday, February 25

  • Survivor, 90 minute episode – CBS
  • The Amazing Race, 90 minute episode – CBS

Friday, February 27

  • House of Cards – Netflix

Sunday, March 1

  • Once Upon A Time – ABC

Monday, March 2

  • The Following – FOX

Tuesday, March 3

  • Hell’s Kitchen – FOX
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ABC

Monday, March 4


Thursday, March 5


Monday, March 9

  • The Late Late Show with James Corden – CBS

Tuesday, March 17

  • Undateable – NBC

Tuesday, March 31

  • Bones – FOX

Tuesday, March 31


Saturday, April 4

  •  Outlander – Starz

Sunday, April 5

  • A.D. – NBC
  • Odyssey – NBC

Saturday, April 18

  • Orphan Black – BBC America

Still TBA

  • Game of Thrones
  • Turn
  • Haven
  • Last Man Standing
  • Revenge
  • The Simpsons
  • Shark Tank
  • The Goldbergs
  • Black-ish
  • Modern Family
  • Da Vinci’s Demons
  • Veep
  • Silicon Valley
  • Masterchef
  • Cristela
  • State of Affairs
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Ray Donovan
  • Hannibal
  • Bates Motel
  • The Whispers
  • Louie

Archie Comics

Fox has begun development on Riverdale, a new take on the Archie comics characters for a potential slot on its schedule.

Greg Berlanti – executive producer on Arrow and The Flash – is the man behind this new take on Archie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Riverdale will follow the core love triangle of Archie Andrews, Berry Cooper and Veronica Lodge. This doesn’t mean you won’t see appearances from the likes of Reggie Mantle, Jughead Jones, Kevin Keller and even Josie and the Pussycats, however.

Where things seem to go a little off the rails of what you would expect of a TV series based on America’s oldest teenager is that apparently things are not as they seem in the fictional town of Riverdale, New York. Apparently there will be “surrealistic twists” in small-town life as well as “darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade.”

Honestly, at first blush I would have zero interest in this project, but Berlanti has earned my trust with his other projects, and the idea of an off-kilter Archie story intrigues me. Is it enough to make me tune in for multiple seasons? Highly doubtful. Add in that Berlanti is also working on SupergirlThe Things They Left Behind at CBS,  and The Mysteries of Laura & Blindspot at NBC, he and his team are going to be spread pretty darn thin in the not too distant future.

We’ll see where this goes, but apparently with Gotham already airing at Fox, and Riverdale in development, the names of cities in comic books is all the rage.

[ Source The Hollywood Reporter ]


Deadpool leaked footage

Fox has finally given a go ahead to the Deadpool movie and given it a release date of February 12, 2016.

Ever since Wolverine: Origins, Ryan Reynolds has been pushing for a solo Deadpool film, but Fox just wasn’t moving forward with it. At some point this year, he and the other folks that are up for making it decided to shoot some test footage. Said test footage “leaked” out and fan reaction to it was highly positive.

Enough so that Fox finally decided to move ahead with the film based on the Merc With a Mouth that is part of the whole X-Men universe. I can promise you, this won’t be quite like any other super-hero movie out there. I’ve never been a huge fan of the character, but it may work better as a movie, and – I can’t believe I’m saying this – I do think Ryan Reynolds is the right person to play Deadpool.

Ew… I feel dirty now.


Lucifer Vertigo

DC isn’t beating around the bush any more when it comes to getting its properties on TV. Next up: Lucifer on Fox.

What if Lucifer got bored with running Hell? What if he decided to quit, move to Los Angeles and open a piano bar? Well, that’s the concept behind the Lucifer comic book series and the upcoming TV pilot based on it.

According to Variety, Fox has ordered the one-hour drama pilot from Californication creator Tom Kapinos and joins the increasing number of DC properties on TV. TNT is currently developing Titans, and this season will see Arrow joined by Flash, Gotham, Constantine and iZombie. Apparently the movies just aren’t moving fast enough for DC, so they are just going to try to take over TV.

Can Fox work with a series based around the Lord of Hell? I guess we’ll find out if this makes it past the pilot stage.

[ Source Variety ]



I have to say, of all the media coming out prior to the premiere of Gotham, the materials of Robin Taylor’s take on Oswald Cobblepot have me the most intrigued.

We need to remember as we enter into Gotham that we are looking at the proto forms of the characters we’ve come to know. Jim Gordon is just a detective, Bruce Wayne is just a boy and so on. Oswald Cobblepot, who will eventually become The Penguin, is one of the most overlooked back stories of the Batman universe outside of The Joker, who has always been kept purposefully vague.

Taylor seems to be taking a really interesting run at Cobblepot, and I’m probably more anxious to see how he develops than anyone else. While my favorite Rogue’s Gallery villains are Joker, Two-Face and Catwoman, their stories are well known, there’s a lot to play with when it comes to Cobblepot and it’s looking like this could be a lot of fun.


TV Network logos

With Labor Day weekend winding down, the unofficial end of summer has arrived, and that means it’s time for our favorite shows to return to the networks.

Through out September and October all of our favorite shows, as well as all of the new ones will be making their debuts. The first couple of weeks are relatively quiet, but the week of Sept. 21 is when things kick into high gear and we will be inundated with returning shows.

I’ve assembled a handy table below for you track when everything will be premiering. So make sure you clean out your DVRs of all the stuff you have saved up and get ready for a whole lot of new content.

Sept. 10Hell's KitchenFox8/7c
Sept. 11The Biggest LoserNBC8/7c
Sept. 15Dancing With the StarsABC8/7c
Sept. 16New GirlFox9/8c
Sept. 16The Mindy ProjectFox9:30/8:30c
Sept. 17Red Band SocietyFox9/8c
Sept. 17The Mysteries of LauraNBC10/9c
Sept. 2160 MinutesCBS7/6c
Sept. 21Madam SecretaryCBS8/7c
Sept. 21The Good WifeCBS9/8c
Sept. 22The Big Bang TheoryCBS8/7c
Sept. 22GothamFox8/7c
Sept. 22The VoiceNBC8/7c
Sept. 22ScorpionCBS9/8c
Sept. 22Sleepy HollowFox9/8c
Sept. 22The BlacklistNBC10/9c
Sept. 22ForeverABC10/9c
Sept. 23NCISCBS8/7c
Sept. 23The Voice (Results)NBC8/7c
Sept. 23Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ABC9/8c
Sept. 23NCIS: New OrleansCBS9/8c
Sept. 23Chicago FireNBC10/9c
Sept. 23Person of InterestCBS10/9c
Sept. 24The MiddleABC8/7c
Sept. 24SurvivorCBS8/7c
Sept. 24The GoldbergsABC8:30/7:30c
Sept. 24Law & Order: SVUNBC9/8c
Sept. 24Modern FamilyABC9/8c
Sept. 24Black-ishABC9:30/8:30c
Sept. 24Chicago P.D.NBC10/9c
Sept. 24NashvilleABC10/9c
Sept. 25BonesFox8/7c
Sept. 25Grey's AnatomyABC8/7c
Sept. 25ScandalABC9/8c
Sept. 25How to Get Away With MurderABC10/9c
Sept. 25ParenthoodNBC10:30/9:30c
Sept. 26The Amazing RaceCBS8/7c
Sept. 26Dateline NBCNBC8/7c
Sept. 26Shark TankABC8/7c
Sept. 26Hawaii Five-0CBS9/8c
Sept. 2620/20ABC10/9c
Sept. 26Blue BloodsCBS10/9c
Sept. 2748 HoursCBS10/9c
Sept. 28Once Upon a TimeABC8/7c
Sept. 28The SimpsonsFox8/7c
Sept. 28Brooklyn Nine-NineFox8:30/7:30c
Sept. 28Family GuyFox9/8c
Sept. 28ResurrectionABC9/8c
Sept. 28CSICBS10/9c
Sept. 28RevengeABC10/9c
Sept. 29MomCBS8:30/7:30c
Sept. 29CastleABC10/9c
Sept. 29NCIS: Los AngelesCBS10/9c
Sept. 30SelfieABC8/7c
Sept. 30Manhattan Love StoryABC8:30/7:30c
Oct. 1Criminal MindsCBS9/8c
Oct. 1StalkerCBS10/9c
Oct. 2The Vampire DiariesThe CW8/7c
Oct. 2Bad JudgeNBC9/8c
Oct. 2GracepointFox9/8c
Oct. 2ReignThe CW9/8c
Oct. 2A to ZNBC9:30/8:30 c
Oct. 3Last Man StandingABC8/7c
Oct. 5America's Funniest Home VideosABC7/6c
Oct. 5Bob's BurgersFox7:30/6:30c
Oct. 5MulaneyFox9:30/8:30c
Oct 6The OriginalsThe CW8/7c
Oct. 7The FlashThe CW8/7c
Oct. 7SupernaturalThe CW9/8c
Oct. 8ArrowThe CW8/7c
Oct. 10CristelaABC8:30/7:30c
Oct. 13Jane the VirginThe CW9/8c
Oct. 14Marry MeNBC9/8c
Oct. 14About a BoyNBC9:30/8:30c
Oct. 22The 100The CW9/8c
Oct. 24GrimmNBC9/8c
Oct. 24ConstantineNBC10/9c
Oct. 272 Broke GirlsCBS8/7c
Oct. 30The MillersCBS8:30/7:30c
Oct. 30Two and a Half MenCBS9/8c
Oct. 30The McCarthysCBS9:30/8:30c
Oct. 30ElementaryCBS10/9c

The Greatest American Hero

Fox has made a pilot commitment to a reboot of the 1980s super-hero dramedy, The Greatest American Hero.

Please… no.

The Greatest American Hero told the story of a teacher who was gifted with a super powered suit by aliens, but due to immediately losing the instruction manual he never fully understood how to use it. The series ran for three seasons for a total of 44 episodes. A lot of people remember it fondly, but I think they confuse their love of the theme song with the actual quality of the series.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller – coming off their success of rebooting 21 Jump Street – will be leading this project. Oddly enough The Greatest American Hero was the brainchild of Steven J. Cannell, who also happened to be the guy behind 21 Jump Street, so apparently Lord and Miller are now in the Cannell business. They also worked on the highly successful The Lego Movie, so they do have talent, but I just don’t know if this is a series we need to revisit.

Come on folks, we need some new entertainment, lets not just keep revisiting the same shows again and again.

[ Source Deadline ]


Gotham Logo - trimmed

The folks over at Bleeding Cool have seen the Gotham pilot, and from the screencaps they shared, it’s looking awesome.

Of the numerous comic based series coming to TV this fall, Gotham has me the most excited while also filling me with the most terror. As a long time Batman fan, every new take on the character worries me. That being said, I always go in with an open mind, and sometimes you find amazing things such as Batman: The Animated Series, or Batman Beyond. And then sometimes you find the Schumacher Batman films and you just go, “Oh no.”

Gotham is going to be a whole new look at the mythos, however. There will be no “Batman” in this story, at least not yet. This story is going to focus squarely on Det. Jim Gordon who will one day become Commissioner Gordon.

According to the Bleeding Cool folks, the show is part police drama/part comic book series, and they say they do both well. While of course they couldn’t share the episode with the world, they did take some screencaps to give us a taste of the show, and I have to say that it is looking awesome. Yes… even the pearls hitting the pavement. (Which fans will know what that means.)

One picture is definitely worth singling out.

Gotham Pilot Screencap 11

This is a stand-up comic in Fish Mooney’s club. Apparently he’s not a very good comic, but for some reason Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) thinks he’s hilarious. For those of you have ever read Alan Moore’s truly amazing The Killing Joke, you can see where this might some day lead. I won’t say beyond that.

Gotham premieres on Fox on Sept. 22.

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Hieroglyph cast

Fox has proven yet again that nothing is certain in the world of television, even when you’ve been granted a series order.

Hieroglyph was slated for a mid-season debut on Fox and former Fox Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly had given it a straight to series order. The network had ordered one episode shot and told it to begin work on its first season.

Then Reilly left. As you can imagine, things turned.

Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim) and Anna Fricke (Being Human) were working on the breakdowns of the scripts for the season when the network took a look at them and went, “Nope!” and pulled the plug. The network chalked it up to “creative reasons,” which is more than likely code for, ‘we didn’t want to sink any more money into this idea that was approved by the former boss.’

You can check out the original teaser below, though I suspect it will be pulled off the Internet in the not too distant future.

I won’t count this as the first cancellation of the season as that just seems mean.