What do you do when you know it will take years to launch a full sequel to Frozen? You make a short film. Frozen has become Disney’s most successful animate film ever, and while Frozen 2 is inevitable, it will take some time to launch. So to tide over the adoring legions of fans, Disney… read more

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Ever wondered just how many copies of a film get pirated in a year? It may be more than you think. Piracy-tracking firm Excipio has released its annual list of which films were downloaded the most throughout the year via various piracy sites. Now, before you go through this list, I always take these with… read more

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No one should be surprised, but at least one source says that Disney is working on Frozen 2. Seeing as Frozen has taken in $1,274,219,009 so far globally, the idea that there won’t be a sequel is pretty mind boggling. We do know that Disney is working on a stage musical version and will be… read more

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Disney’s animated smash hit Frozen is still racking up the records. Despite 27 weeks having passed since it was initially released in the United States, Frozen is still playing domestically, but it’s really still raking it in globally. With this weekend’s tallies in from around the globe, Frozen has surpassed Iron Man 3 to become… read more


Disney has a new entry on the top 10 all time grossing films with Frozen. Frozen passed Toy Story 3 this weekend on the all time earners list, and also leap frogged over Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest to enter the top 10 grossing films. The film now stands at $1,072,402,000, and is… read more



March 2 2014

2014 Oscar Winners

The 86th Academy Awards have come to a close, and there were a few surprises amongst the winners. Not quite sure how Gravity walks away with seven, but doesn’t score Best Actress or Best Picture. It was a very odd mix to say the least. Here is the break down by film and then the… read more

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Frozen has joined a very exclusive club at the box office: Films that have grossed more than $1 billion dollar dollars globally. Only the 18th film in history to have broken the billion dollar barrier, Frozen has done so in just 15 weeks from its initial release. As with all major box office reports, do… read more


It seems that audiences were ready for a movie about building blocks. The Lego Movie took in a whopping $69.1 million this weekend. With only a $60 million dollar budget you can see why Warner Brothers has already picked a screenwriter for a sequel. Coming in second was The Monuments Men with a fairly attractive… read more

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Comedy enjoyed a third weekend at the top of the box office, but expect it to change next week. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube enjoyed a third weekend at the top of the box office with Ride Along bringing in $12.3 million. It’s domestic total now stands at $92.9 million off of a $25 million… read more

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Comedy reigned supreme this weekend, and it appears 2014 may have its second flop already. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube enjoyed a second weekend at the top of the box office with Ride Along dropping 49 percent from last weekend to take in another $21.1 million. It’s domestic total now stands at $75.4 million off… read more

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2014 is off to an interesting start at the box office with a couple surprise results, and one of them actually being of the good variety. First place this weekend went to Ride Along with a somewhat surprising $41.2 million off of its $25 million dollar budget. It’ll be interesting to see how it holds,… read more

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The nominees for the 86th annual Academy Awards have been announced with very few surprises. The big news this year is American Hustle and Gravity both walked away with 10 nominations each. The even money seems to be on Hustle walking away with the majority of them. The Oscars will be presented on March 2… read more

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