Garrett Hedlund

If rumors are to believed, Disney has pulled the plug on a third Tron film. After very lukewarm reactions from fans and critics alike to Tron Legacy, Disney has taken its sweet time prepping a third film in the series. Things, however, seemed to be falling into place with Joseph Kosinski returning to direct and… read more

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With San Diego Comic Con in full swing, the movie news is pouring in, and with it comes yet another trailer for Tron Legacy … prepare to have your mind blown. First came the teaser trailer, and then the full trailer, and now we may have the most exciting trailer yet with definite hints to… read more

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The first full trailer for Tron Legacy has hit and … things have changed in the digital world. We’ve already had a teaser trailer that gave us a taste of what to expect from the second Tron film, but this one gives us a bit of insight into the actual plot this time around.  If… read more

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July 30 2009

Tron Legacy

By the time Tron Legacy is released it will have been 28 years since the original Tron… who cares? This sequel could be made 50 years after the original and everyone my age would line up from the old folks home to see it. Released on July 9, 1982, the original Tron was the first… read more

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